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The changing buyer preferences, demand for functional beverages, increasing understanding towards healthful lifestyles and growing downtown population in Asia could be the major elements that would travel the market in coming years. An increasing recognition towards healthier lifestyles has led to a change in the preference and tastes of people in Asia. The young urban population is the target buyer for strength and athletics drink brands in this region. The power and sports drinks happen to be majorly used by professional sports people, gym goers and by doing work professionals and students that require a special drink in order to enhance their strength and stay active.

The increasing contribution of the health-conscious people in sports and fitness activities has greatly impacted the growth trend of sports and energy drink market in Asia. The young inhabitants aged 25-35 years signifies a potential group of customers intended for the energy and sports drink manufacturers in the area. According to the study report Asia Energy and Sports Beverage Market Prospect to 2017′ by Ashton kutcher Research. The increasing press exposure toward sporting events on tv has captured the attention of people, which in turn offers encouraged the youth to take on sports being a profession or as a hobby.

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This has impelled the expansion of sporting activities drinks in Asian countries over the last few years. Sporting activities drinks industry in Asia is dominated by famous brands such as Gatorade, Powerade and Pocari Sweat. Reddish Bull extremely has dominated the energy beverage market in the area. Red Half truths has efficiently maintained a strong distribution funnel in various countries in Asia such as in India, Cina, Japan, Thailand and in To the south Korea.

The power and athletics drink marketplace is anticipated to be driven by the growing tendency of fitness and health is supposed to create significant demand in Asian countries. The consumer expenditure about food and nonalcoholic beverages is likely to surge in the area owing to the rise in throw-away incomes of the people. The rising consciousness about health and fitness benefits among the list of people in the region will inspire more people to join health and sporting activities clubs that can drive the need and intake of energy and sports beverage in the coming years.

The report provides detailed summary on the energy and athletics drink industry in Asia and help visitor to identify the continuing trends in the key segments of the industry and expected growth in future depending upon changing industry mechanics in coming years. The report will certainly aid sector consultants, food and beverage service corporations and promoting companies and also other stakeholders to straighten their market centric strategies according to ongoing and expected styles in future.

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