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Brief Description of Ocean Area Hong Kong Ocean Park Hong Kong is one of the the majority of popular topic parks in the world. It was officially opened about January 10th 1977 by governor of Hong Kong and was financed by the Hk Jockey Club on This summer 1st 1987, with a Government-appointed Board.

It constitutes of marine mammal, oceanarium, pet and entertainment as a theme park, located in Wong Chuk Hang up and Nam Long Shan in the The southern part of District of Hong Kong. Cause of Choosing Water Park Hong Kong Ocean Park Hong Kong dominated the local entertainment park scenery alone. In 2005, Hong Kong Disneyland acquired arrived and busted out your Park from the near 30-year comfort zone. However , Ocean Area has guaranteed the prestigious 2012 Applause Award, which was the initial in Asia to be compensated. The reason for choosing Ocean Area Hong Kong is usually thus to study how properly the marketing plans are used inside the Park against its primary competitor, Hk Disneyland.

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SWOT Analysis A Strength of Ocean Park Hong Kong is a numerous sights with different numbers of amusements including roller coasters to aquariums. Another one is definitely the five key annual occasions throughout the year: a varying Dog in Hd Month, the Ocean Recreation area Summer Little, the Halloween Bash, Christmas and Chinese New Year get-togethers. Yet, the obvious weakness is definitely the several happenings happened before five years.

Panda targeting a feeder, dying of Chinese sturgeons and sudden pause of attractions all these got surprised the public’s self confidence to the recreation area. In terms of opportunity, there is a proposed MTR place on the east of South Island Range for Water. Park Hong Kong. The train station would support attract more customers intended for the Recreation area because it will probably be easier plus more convenient to visit. The major menace is through the future advancement plan of Hong Kong Disneyland, which is expected to build even more themed areas, rides and hotels in the coming 10 years to match the increasing requirements.

There will be enthusiastic competition among Ocean Area Hong Kong and Disneyland following such an expansion. Marketing Targets Since Marine Park Hk aims to be a leader among the theme park industry, its promoting objective should be to strive for a place in the top of the count of site visitors of the Global Attractions Attendance report by AECOM within two years. In addition, the Recreation area hopes to enhance its profit by at least 20% within two years because of the huge amount of visitors each year. Last, as a result of accidents took place in recent years, customers’ satisfaction toward Ocean Area Hong Kong has become damaged.

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