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Marketing strategy

Total Marketing Strategy

The group’s marketing strategy is focused on raising consciousness on interpersonal issues relating to today’s society and taking a stance in the real world, instead of encourage consumers to buy usana products.


Taking into consideration the large merchandise diversification characterizing Benetton’s collection, it is very difficult to define the manufacturer’s main competitors, as it’s challenging to define really industry. As a result, according to Hoovers. com (Accessed January 2009), you’re able to send top three or more competitors happen to be: Inditex, SPACE and HM. Inditex is a Spanish based, clothing group, which is regarded as being Benetton’s key competitor since it designs and retails its own products. Also, it is a global organization managing over 3, 690 stores in 68 countries. GAP is an American-based company with 4, two hundred and fifty stores around the world. Unlike the Italian firm, GAP does not manufacture its products, being dependable only for the retailing component. HM is actually a Swedish-based firm with above 1, five-hundred stores in 28 countries.

Marketing mixture


Benetton has often been defined as the junk food of fashion, or better explained McFashion. Luciano Benetton him self, the company owner, clearly differentiates between the imaginative fashion of Italy and France, just like Armani or Chanel, and Benetton which in turn he label as professional fashion. However, the company’s competitive advantage relays in its capacity to understand the important success causes of the McFashion business.

Benetton’s product approach is a global one. Similar garments are offered across countries in the same small boutique-style shops, which will follow tight corporate merchandising guidelines, and are also promoted simply by print press using the same advertisements throughout the world. This is a total look approach involving color coordinated apparel, rather than person products.


Around the season of 1995, Benetton implemented a price reduction strategy at globally level. This strategy was designed to enable the business to guarantee the customers a both more suitable and competitive supply of items. The price lowering was concurrently joined by simply decreased creation costs. The 2 actions triggered an 8% increase in merchandise sold. Currently, the company provides different prices across countries and brands. Thus, in Europe the regular prices happen to be higher than U. S., but in the same time a few brands just like United Shades of Benetton are listed substantially less than others such as Sisley who is addressed to a more sophisticated industry segment.

Benetton also has a prolonged system of outlet stores in which its products are sold at large discounts. The merchandise sold in these stores are generally from preceding collections as well as the use of large discounts is supposed to induce customers to buy collections which have been slightly expired, thus staying away from additional inventory costs.


In the late 1990s – early 2000, the Italian maker restructured their distribution network by putting into action a new logistic system when the warehouses started to be part of a centralized syndication system, instead of just being simple keeping facilities. This system was much more efficient logistic-wise as it lowered the partage of arrays at foreign lever by simply concentrating the finished items in a few centers, one out of the U. S., one in Italy and one in the Far East. Initially, the automatic circulation system managed over 40, 000 packages a day and was maintained by a 10-member staff, when a traditional you might requires a personnel of four hundred for the same workload. In mil novecentos e noventa e seis, the implementation of this new system ended in roughly five million savings in transport costs.

An effective production system was added to improve strategies efficiency. The organization worked on expanding an advanced dyeing process, which usually would permit the completed product to become dyed instead of dying the yarn first. Thus, the manufacturer was able to run an efficient personalized production system, always up-to-date with the latest market developments in the fashion industry through which tastes in color change very often.


Benetton’s promo strategy demonstrates the company’s wish to create images of global concern for its global customers. This plan is popular for aimed towards issues rather than clothes because the company is convinced it is more important for firms to address a current important issue of modern-day society, instead of use their particular advertising budget to convince consumers that they will be completely happy if they will purchase of many. Thus, Benetton managed to catch the attention of substantial interest from the community and jump out in its industry in terms of sociable responsibility.

The means active in the company’s advertising activity include: (1) sport and celebration sponsorship, (2) Colors magazine, (3) Produz project, (4) image advertising and marketing and (5) controversial promotions.

Benetton sports system changed its name to Playlife more than a decade ago. This split manages famous brand names, such as Prince, and reflects the Group’s participation in the sports activities associated activities, covering up a wide range of sports activities from snow skiing to tennis. The Italian language manufacturer sponsors basketball, rugby, volleyball, motorcycling and Method One groups, which is a primary reason why many young athletes chose Benetton products to be their favorite sports activities brand. Additionally , the company is involved in growing sports establishments success in communicating through sports is visible by the efforts in developing sport facilities.

Colours magazine is known as a bi-monthly syndication which is sent out in 6 bilingual versions in several continents.

The Fabrica task is the two a workshop environment and a center of communications in which a group of 20 students through the field of communications from various countries research foreseeable future trends and new ideas.

One of the certain features of Benetton’s image marketing is that it is images usually do not include a product, but the particular company logo. Moreover, its adds to not recommend customers to get its products. They are designed to maximize awareness regarding global issues that concern modern-day society. As far as their products are involved, Benetton promotes those by way of catalogues and fashion editorials that are exhibited to consumers in the marketplace. Additionally , the general public relations offices are in permanent connection with fashion publishers in different countries across the world. These types of offices indulge traditional advertising techniques hence making sure that the products receive a great optimal publicity or sales personnel.

Graphic advertising is a form of lifestyle marketing. Promoting industry experts connect image marketing with a prepare of getting the purchasers to “buy-in” to a certain way of living, such as Benetton’s which is incredibly controversial, simply by connecting to later by using a psychological level first and on the product lever after.

Shockvertising is a special type of emotional branding simply by Benetton numerous occasions, nevertheless which the firm sells photos rather than goods, by attaching to the client’s emotions.

Benetton’s advertising campaigns have always been focused on profound social concerns of global concern, such as death, AIDS and racism. The HIV Great campaign applied shockvertising to improve awareness about the disease by simply displaying the words HIV Positive tattooed on the person’s provide, front and back (see appendix section). The purpose of this campaing was both to improve awareness of SUPPORTS, but likewise to draw attention around the danger of stigmatizing selected social organizations.

One of Benetton’s most destroying campaigns to get the company’s earnings addressed the main city punishment by simply displaying photos of several of America’s death row inmates. The plan was supposed to show the world that death charges is not only a distant issue, which is at times present in the media, although a current, serious problem. The reaction of some the actual believers inside the old American values was quick and acid. As a result, the Benetton lost many contracts using its retailing lovers in U. S..

Lots of the company’s connection initiatives come to support intercontinental humanitarian groups. As such in 1993, Benetton was element of a global job involving apparel redistribution in people in will need, being assisted by the Worldwide Federation in the Red Combination, alongside different humanitarian teams.

Audit activities

The strategies and campaign activities will be the company’s important factors of achievement. The initial enables the corporation to adjust to a fast changing environment and rapidly changing needs in the customers with flexibility and speed, even though the second allows the manufacturer to both be noticeable in its crowd and be remarked by a substantive number of consumers and give the organization the opportunity to treat social crucial issues. Nevertheless, the character in the promotional actions undertaken by company did not always have the success the group directed for as certain groups of individual experienced offended by messages within these promotions, generating bad consequences in terms of revenues.

The pricing strategy is definitely a single where Benetton can place as it can not globally aligned, in contrast to all others. The purchase price levels vary across countries and on different continents for the same brands. This sort of a strategy more than likely be so hard to achieve, since the groupings production and distribution activities are centralized and been able in an successful manner by way of high technology systems.

Finally, the product approach is a very well chosen one. The group acquired diverse brands along time to cover more industry segments in terms of age, style, gender, revenues and so on, as a result, diversifying the merchandise portfolio and reducing from your potential weeknesses of a changing economic environment.


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