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The Stranger

Albert Camus was an Algerian-French absurdist author, who wrote novels just like the Outsider plus the Plague. Inside the Outsider he tells the storyline of an impassive and wrong character, Meursault, and how this individual deals with the norms with the society as well as the judgmental persons around him. The story happens in Algiers, where Meursault receives a telegram educating him that his mother had exceeded out and needed to enroll in the funeral, in which he did not present any emotion. Later on, because the character evolves, he gets rid of a man with no specific purpose and he can prosecuted in court to get his activities. With supporting evidence from your novel, it might be argued that Meursault can be an outsider to culture, to him self and to his environment, only to some extent.

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In the sight of contemporary society Meursault is an outsider, a distinct and unattached man, who does not appear to understand how every thing is supposed to function around him. Meursault does not understand why events, such as marriage or loss of life of a family member, usually have a sentimental value for people and this is what makes him appear since numb and disconnected with them. The moment Meursault is first introduced inside the novel, he has to attend his single mother’s funeral in Marengo. When he talks about the funeral, he almost appears indifferent towards fact that his mother acquired died, he even said, “it’s continue to a little as though Mama hadn’t died”. Anybody can understand the apathy he believed towards his mother’s fatality, since the girl had been surviving in an old peoples’ home for years, Meursault was disconnected with her, he was used to her absence, therefore his response could be validated. However , in the eyes of society, this sort of behaviour is regarded as bizarre as well as the fact that he did not show any kind of feeling in his single mother’s funeral contributes to this odd image of Meursault. Later on, Meursault is found in a perplexing condition where he kills an Arabic at the beach, without any clear purpose. As he will be interviewed, Meursault tries to convince his lawyer that he did not know the dimensions of the man this individual killed and shot him for no reason. The lawyer can be described as representative of world, a ‘normal’ man and he would not seem to understand Meursault’s thought process. Also, when the judge interrogated him, he kept requesting him how come he shot the Arabic 5 times, seeing that he was lifeless with the initial shot although Meursault did not know what to share him, because he did not find out why this individual did it. If the judge acquired irritated, this individual brought up religion and God, yet Meursault gave zero importance to religion, this is illogical and impossible inside the eyes from the judge, who had been a representation of contemporary society too. Generally, Meursault is viewed as an incomer to world, since this individual cannot comprehend the consequences of his actions and this individual does not stick to any of the rules.

To contrast the above paragraph, it could be argued that Meursault is definitely not an outsider to his natural environment, when he is so familiar with it, that this affects his decision-making. Since Meursault goes toward the beach and he proceeded to go outside in the sun, he said: “it seemed a slap across the face”. One can see how much it affected him, since Meursault recognizes the physical community better than the emotional. If he gets to outdoor Meursault is definitely relieved to finally view the “clear water”. The huge distinction between the drinking water and the blistering sun generally seems to calm him down and as he gets in the water he looks more happy and comforted. Later on, the protagonist is definitely affected a lot by the friendliness of the sunshine, that he kills the Arab with no second thought. Camus uses words just like “burned alive” or “pierce my aching eyes” to produce tension in the murder scene and show how much Meursault is definitely affected by the planet around him. Moreover, initially of phase 2, while Meursault has been interrogated he mentions:

“I had wonderful difficulty pursuing his reasoning, first of all I was hot”

Anybody can understand that when the weather can be hot, Meursault’s world gets upset. Through this example, he starts losing concentration and he does not fully understand what the judge is usually telling him.

Inside the Outsider, the protagonist Meursault seems to be a stranger to himself along with the culture. He can connect very well while using physical globe but not whatsoever with the psychological world around him which is what makes him the outsider. Moments prior to funeral, he was asked in the event that he desired to see his mother’s body in the casket, but this individual said this individual did not need to. After that, Meursault mentions that having been embarrassed of his solution, so one can possibly understand that he is aware of the response society want him to acquire, yet this individual either are not able to change or he would not want to alter in order to fit into.

In contradiction while using above section, it can also be asserted that Meursault is rather than an outsider to himself, he rather understands what this individual wants. He does not weep at his mother’s funeral and this individual does not mourn her death, simply because that did not imply anything to him. He identifies the reaction that is expected by him, however he refuses to change in so that it will please the people around him. When Meursault is asked in the event that he would want to consider moving to Paris, this individual simply said that:

“You cannot really make life¦my lifestyle here wasn’t bad for all”

This kind of shows how change is not important to Meursault and that seeing that his life was not poor, then this individual does not understand why he should change and this is the reason why he refuses to accept the offer. Meursault does not desire to change himself and by certainly not accepting the job opportunity to Rome, he stays on true to his absurdist philosophy. Another moment where the protagonist rejects society’s views is definitely when he includes a discussion with the chaplain and refuses in any respect to turn to The almighty, even if that is certainly his latter left. As he talks together with the chaplain, he says:

“I did not have time to waste contemplating things that didn’t interest me”

Meursault firmly is convinced that religion is meaningless and unimportant, thus this individual does not have time for it and does not understand why people value that so much. The chaplain experienced tried repeatedly to convince Meursault to go to God, though the protagonist kept denying, in that way, he remains to be true to himself even though he could be looked while an incomer by the society.

To conclude, Meursault is obviously an incomer to the world around him, since his behaviour is certainly bizarre and amoral. Though he is aware of the norms of the world, he retains refusing to improve in order to become acknowledged by the world, it is unimportant to him. One could admit Meursault lives his your life with his individual rules that please him. Lastly, he could be not an incomer to his natural environment, mainly because since he could be so knowledgeable about it, it includes started to influence his thoughts and feelings. One can declare Meursault can be an outsider to contemporary society, but not to himself and the environment.