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At this point, you are asked to total the video Journey questions. Each link (the title in the lab) includes a set of concerns beneath it. Using the link, answer the questions in this article. Note that links open up a fresh browser window. Please include the questions and answers as you submit your assignment in the dropped. Work with appropriate titles in your task. Submit the effort as one file attachment. This implies you complete all work in one term processing file (e. G., Microsoft Word) and add the data file using the decreased tool.

Submit your work in Unit 3: Lab Questions dropped holder. The answers to the research laboratory questions will be worth 10 points. Lab Concerns Visit A Guide to Medieval and Renaissance Tools and browse the articles. 1 . The following answers are located in the articles. Go through the content to answer every question: a. Which tool looks like a snake? The Serpent b. Which device is played by winding a crank? The Hurdy-Gourd c. Which usually instrument is actually a loud reed-cap instrument having a double reed? The Resuscitative d. Which will instrument have been called the most versatile of Renaissance wind flow instruments?

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The Kink elizabeth. Which instrument was a musical instrument used by priests in Biblical times? The Shafer farrenheit. Which device uses a creature bladder? The Bladder Water pipe g. Which will instrument uses strings and was used in ancient instances? The Harp h. Which usually instrument works on the bow and originated in Asia? The Rebel 2 . Choose five musical instruments that you have not yet heard about before or that you might want to know more about. Read the article for these five instruments and answer the next questions: a. What is the instrument? The Surnames, The Dulcimer, The Gumshoes

The lizard, The lute n. Describe the instrument. What does it look like? What does this sound like? It looks like a long stay with holes in it. It sounds like they may be quiet and soft. The Dulcimer appears like a package with strings and played with sticks. This might sound like it is sweet. The Gumshoes looks like a car horn with gaps in this. It sounds such as a soft recorders. Looks like a long black horn with slots. It sounds like its satisfying and foggish. Looks like a huge violin without the curves. This might sound like their soft and calm. C. How may be the instrument played?

Was it used in particular types of music? Altbier was played by covering the holes and blowing with it. It was not really used in a certain type of music. It is enjoyed by striking the strings while using hammer. It absolutely was not used in a particular type of music. It really is played by blowing in it and covering up up the slots. It was certainly not used in a certain type of music. It is enjoyed by forced into it and covering in the holes. It absolutely was not found in a particular sort of music. It can be played simply by plucking the strings. This wasnt found in a particular sort of music. Music unit a few lab two By Tangential