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I’m a Neurobiologist by training and Program Director by profession, working currently by CERN, the European clinical for Compound Physics. My own educational background is a bachelor in biology at Calcul Marie Conseil University, a sophisticated master in Molecular Cell phone Biology for Caltech, and many continuous education courses within a wide variety of issues: computational neurosciences, biomedical executive, CRISPR-Cas9 applications, and bionics engineering.

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My professional experience comprises several different positions: research and development task manager at the pharmaceutical organization Sanofi, medical consultant with the consulting spin-off of Cambridge University (with a focus about gene-editing and genome-engineering projects), and president CEO of your startup specialized in prosthetics and bionics. Dozens of experiences brought me to work on areas related to the introduction of bioengineering techniques, either for the development of new monoclonal antibodies or for the modification of the glial cell response to enhancements.

I am just working at present in several roles. First, I serve as a Knowledge Transfer Official at CERN, managing assignments in in-silico simulations of biological tissue dynamics, new neuroimaging methods and machine-learning for medication discovery. My role can be described as combination of job management, plans and business development to spread these technologies to the industry discipline. I’m also working as Alliance Partner for the Swiss non-profit Mindfire, an organization dedicated to the introduction of human level artificial intelligence. In this placement, I realize the scouting of disruptive solutions and the creating of proper partnerships. Finally, I recently received a role while External Expert for a neuroscience project aimed at modulating neuronal activity by ionic kinesis at the micro- and nanoscales.

My interest to become a Conference Guy lies in the need for me to obtain knowledge for the threats and opportunities carried by synthetic biology on safety and security. As we learned those previous years, with all the development of new gene-editing and genome sequencing tools, such as TALENS and CRISPR, it really is becoming less difficult and simpler to create neurological weapons as well as to recreate vanished pathogens. Lately, in an interview, Bill Entrance claimed which the next dangerous disease that will cause a global pandemic is arriving, and this disease would likely eliminate more than 30 million persons within six months.

Just lately, a new risk on biosecurity appeared coming from a novel field of biological analysis: the artificial biology. The brand new scientific region could be regarded as a tool to change existing neurological codes, although also to re-design or perhaps re-write systems from scratch. Therefore, this field is getting major rewards to the world, from the improvement of pharmaceutical or gardening products to the possibility of bio-mimicry to enhance unnatural technologies. But since most of the guaranteeing areas in biology and genetics, that one also provides new types of danger to biosecurity. With this kind of duality threat/benefits, synthetic biology can be seen because what we may call a dual employ research field.

To get a more in depth view on this kind of security concern, it is required to empathize on the possibility opened up by the discoveries and applications made in man made biology to start in the hands of bioterrorists trying to make use of them for criminal objectives. This kind of threat made by a improper use of the new-technology is nowhere just a mere hypothesis, and I believe it is an absolute necessity pertaining to companies and public institutions to realize research in artificial biology, to get potential ideas to solve governance issues about this type of bio-risks.