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I chose my own previous supervisor who I actually worked with at Aldo in Gilroy for about three years. The girl with my administrator as well as a good friend. The reason why I chose her was because she was a female in a predominantly men worked job. She is Hispanic and is twenty- five years of age. She has been working since she was fifteen years of age. Not only is she a female but also a group. In the Philippine culture it is not necessarily common for ladies to have careers and jobs. It is instilled in these people at an extremely young age that their work is to be home more have youngsters and take care of them. As well as have the food ready and residence clean just before their partners come home. Inside the Hispanic lifestyle women have zero business in the work place. Although she hails from the United States her parents still have old opinions about the way things should be done. But as she was raised here your woman told her father and mother that issues in America are different, so that they agreed to permit her function. So this wounderful woman has basically been a sufferer of sexism since the girl was incredibly young. So this why this lady has so much ambition and dedication to make that in a so called “man’s world”.

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The interview took place at her condo. I evaluated her in the kitchen table. The folks that were predetermined were myself and her as well as her two youngsters. I did not record anything she said. As she was talking I had been taking tiny notes merely so that I had fashioned a little bit of a concept about how I was going to framework my newspaper. I wanted to provide here my own attention since she took the time out of her schedule to speak with me personally. It was a very open form of environment and vibe that we gave off. She possibly had very little refreshments to me. My spouse and i didn’t have her discuss for a long period of your energy straight. If she was required to tend to her children she did. As a way we were interviewing her kids would arrive crying informing her a thing or a single was starving. She had to have a little more emphasis with her children mainly because she one was 2 yrs old plus the other 1 was merely one. I think that affected how that the girl responded to my personal answers mainly because I don’t have her full undivided attention her mind was on different more important items.


Interviewer: Point out your sociodemographic information via gender, ethnicity, age, educational qualifications?

Interviewee: I was 25 years old and a lady. I are Hispanic and I graduated Secondary school. I did not pursue any advanced schooling of learning.

Interviewer: Define sexism in your own words

Interviewee: Sexism to me means behavior based on one’s sexual intercourse or love-making stereotypes.

Interviewer: Refer to three occasions in which you faced prejudice and discrimination because of sexism?

Interviewee: I encountered sexism at the office because the bigger position is held primarily by males like District Manager or Regional Supervisor. You never truly see a female in all those positions. One more instant which i fell sufferer of sexism was after i was at job their was a customer grievance I traveled to go butts the situation as well as the man declared he did not want approach me this individual told me that he wished to talk to a guy. I commented to him that I was the store administrator and there is no guy manager available so this individual didn’t want to handle his problem in retail outlet he chose to leave. That wasn’t the first time that something similar to that happens the usually the older men because they are caught in their outdated world views. One more occasion of sexism that I confronted was when I was incredibly young my older siblings would be playing soccer and so they would go out and have fun. But I was never in order to do that once i wanted to play soccer mother and father told me understand that I had to become a cheerleader that was a predominantly female part.

Interviewer: What were your ideas and emotions?

Interviewee: I feel that this can be really unjust in the task setting where man didn’t want my own help made me feel very mad. I had to work twice as harder while that men to receive where I actually am by. For him to weaken me like that and want to go with someone else is a slap in the face I think.

Interviewer: Have you ever faced some other forms of prejudice like for example based on racism, ageism to name couple of?

Interviewee: I use had prejudice by was of racism because We am a Hispanic females people look down for me and feel like I got the job away of natural luck. They presume that Hispanics aren’t competent of doing the position as good as light people. That they feel like we all worked better with out hands in the areas rather than in offices or perhaps retail jobs. I had a customer can be found in very upset to my personal store then when I did not let her to return the things the girl told me “you people are all” the same. Thus she only put myself in category just because in the color of my personal skin. There were another illustration where a buyer came in and i also knew that she was racist My spouse and i wouldn’t allow her go back her shoes or boots because we were holding really messed up and your woman said in the event she can get someone that addresses English to aid her. I’ve also got people discriminate against me because We became a store manager in a very young age at 18 years old. When ever there was a customer complaining and yelling in my face she would say “where is the director? ” so when I would let her know “I i am the manager” she believed I was joking and said she desired to talk to the true manager since I seemed so aged inexperienced.

Job interviewer: Have you believed prejudiced toward any group?

Interviewee: No I possess never sensed prejudice to any group I feel like all of us have the right to end up being treated similarly no matter hoe they look. I believe us while humans include that organic right.

Interviewer: Do you think press plays a role in perpetuating gender stereotypes if virtually any?

Interviewee: Yes, I really believe media performs a really solid role in how people use gender stereotypes. You will find commercials just like Victoria secret that displays these seriously beautiful females so it contains every single woman to look like a style. So it places us underneath this microscope and makes all of us seem like everyone Is looking at all of us. I enjoy of Mexican soap plays and all the ladies are beautiful and it’s the same kind of story line. The lady is in stress and the person come to her rescue. Or they have a battle and the girl leaves yet later the girl comes back mainly because she knows that the lady can’t live without the person. Another way that I think that the media objectifies women and lead them to be a belief is after i watch boxing with my husband, those women that hold the ring amount are really fairly and are only wearing a brazilian bikini which is fundamentally nothing. It makes me feel that us women are just like a piece of meats for men to gaze for. I think that they can shouldn’t be any ring girls because it objectifies us.

Interviewer: Did you ever most difficult by your managers because you were a female?

Interviewee: feel like We wasn’t most difficult that much yet I likewise wasn’t acknowledged a lot. Very well at least not as much as my male counterparts. Their can be sometimes when ever Managers coming from different stores didn’t perform nearly as good sales as I did plus they would get great emails coordintaing with them and often it was just like I was ignored about. I managed to get some identification but not enough as I wish to have got. I have to declare sometimes We contemplated giving up my task and just becoming a stay at home mother. But Some want to offer in and let the males get their way.

Interviewer: How do you think your male table parts would have reacted if perhaps they went through the same thing that you just went through?

Interviewee: I honestly don’t think that they can would have been able to go through what I went through. I feel like mankind has a short state of mind and can’t keep all their emotions under control. That’s why In my opinion that women are definitely the better choices for these bureaucratic jobs.

Interviewer: Have you simply been o with 1 company or perhaps multiple?

Interviewee: It is with multiple companies I find myself like it is a lot like that in all major is yours stores. I do believe that they think that women aren’t up for the battle. Or maybe the because all of us run the risk of obtaining pregnant so that means that we would be unemployed for a long time. Personally, i don’t think that is certainly an excuse to never give an individual a shot.

Job interviewer: Did that they tell that you had to appear a certain way to be employed by the company you were by?

Interviewee: They failed to blatantly show me that I had to look some way to work their particular but they performed tell me which i had to look presentable all the time in order to travel sales. I had to also make my own female staff to come into work more done up do that they will grab the interest of the men that would use and buy shoes.

Interviewer: Besides your parents anybody else stereotypes your or any other female that you know?

Interviewee: Well know that Excellent little daughter I see my husband act sexist toward her. For example , her that the girl always has to become nicely combed and have berets in her hair, along with wear dresses. Also when ever he will buy her clothing or anything at all like that this individual always acquires her plaything. He tells her that she aren’t talk to males and if the girl did she had to get pass it by him first. This individual tells my son that he has to be the strong man and if he is not their this individual has to deal with and shield his sibling. My boy is hardly three years old he really does not know what that means. Not to mention that he’s a little teddy bear and he would not harm even a fly.

Interviewer: What is the take-home message

Interviewee: My take home message is that you should never take too lightly what females can do. We can perform everything a guy can carry out and most very likely even better. We don’t wish people to find women as weak since we are the most powerful persons. I would like to determine men make an effort to give delivery and see how strong they can be. Even have these people go through the working day of the your life of a be home more mom. My spouse and i don’t think that they can would be able to achieve that. They would get really confused. People need to stop being therefore stubborn and realize that it’s the 21st century now women can do a lots of things. We just need an opportunity to show whatever we got. While I was ability to hear this this made me think wow women really do struggle that much in trying to improve in a man’s world. We would think that a lot of women had been just getting obnoxious planning to sound important but now I am aware that they are accomplishing this because they should. I also never really observed discrimination because of gender since I i am a man and I hardly ever go through that kind of sexism. After experiencing what she gets gone through that made me change my methods while I am in the work place talking to women. I have been guilty of making sexist jokes inside the work place since I don’t think anything of it. Great getting the perspective of a girl I know they are getting discriminated basically throughout the day and operate should be the a single place they can feel free rather than discriminated against. I tried to keep my personal emotions in balance as I was talking to her because I will see that she was talking to a lot of emotion and I didn’t want to say or do something that will have made the situations worse. So I was very serious and i also nodded my head and I was repeating back in her what she was telling me personally so that the girl saw that we was ingesting all the information that she was telling me. Which I think it helped because it seemed like she was holding these kinds of emotions for a long period and your woman just wanted anyone to talk to about how she believed.


There have been many studies looking at just how women respond of feel when they are discriminated. Women may well feel impossible that they will under no circumstances be favorably valued in the work place (Miner-Rubino, Settles, Stewart, 2007). Anybody I interviewed felt because of this when she was approved up for the regional or perhaps district supervisor opportunity because it is predominantly handles by a man. Years approved while the lady had her job as the store manager and she hadn’t become a raise or perhaps upgraded to a higher volume retail outlet to get the option that the lady can handle that kind of responsibility. Women will be the primary concentrate on of uncivil behavior just like rude and discouraging remarks and males are the primary advocates on this (Chui Dietz, 2014). This example was viewed when the interviewee had a condition when the men had a customer care issue and he request to speak with the manager and when he declare she was obviously a female this individual wanted to speak to a man because he seemed she was incapable to incapable to aid him out and the lady didn’t find out anything. Females are better suitable to get a managerial task because they know how to control their feeling better than a male. Ladies have a much better Big Five trait than males which can be agreeableness. Agreeableness describes the extent where people orient toward interpersonal relationship (Krings Facchin, 2009). This is important because me being a male I can lose my temper simply when a buyer or an individual is being frustrating or ridiculous I have been guilty of lashing out or going to the back to recollect myself. But I have seen situations every time a customer is totally in her face and she kept her great didn’t increase her tone or say anything offensive. Men absence efficiency skills with which they can use to cope unfavorable feelings brought on by injustice ( Krings Facchin, 2009). In today’s time period women are in many distinct work locations we have girls doctors, cops, and even building workers. Ladies comprise 51% of the labor work force and supply a significant pool of potential leaders ( Sanchez-Hucles Davis, 2010). The women are away their it is not lack of persons in the work force. Its simply us as a society that must give them that opportunity. There is a lot to get to the table they want just a taken. Men happen to be associated with getting leaders mainly because they more commonly demonstrate assertive masculine qualities that translate into leadership ( Eagly, 2007). I think that this might be the condition because in popular lifestyle men are the ones that take charge in the situation the moment things are going wrong. They are the types that continue to keep their calmness. These women may feel that their larger status counter-top parts are doing nothing, to modify the position of girls (Miner-Rubino ain al. 2007). One thing we talk about in the lecture was bass speaker categorization which is placing certain individual in a group who the unoriginal characteristics will not apply. Applied so the stereotypes for the group may be maintained when confronted with disconfirming proof. The interviewee was sub categorized because she was Hispanic and told that she was ” all of the same”. In certain parts of the earth we have cultural stereotypes a shared community wide pattern of morals. This applies to the interviewees parents who have did not permit her enjoy soccer since that was a boys sport. This doesn’t happen in South america where my manager is from this happens in all of South America. Females are still oppressed and made to take the back burner. When women want a voice they are really males see it as a offend or sort of disrespect (Chui Dietz, 2014). I have viewed this when women try to enter a conversation or perhaps voice their very own opinion sometimes the men continue on talking and ignore them as if they didn’t notice what they are saying. Which I believe that isn’t right because anyone with respecting these people as an individual. Something else which i believe may play a role in sexism and folks being o is the research done by Hovland, Janis, and Kelly (1953) less well-informed people are likely to be easily confident. The motivational theory claim that they truly feel poorly regarding themselves and try to talk right down to a group to feel great about themselves. This makes sense because the that was being hurtful to my own manager might actually be jealous since she would want to have the job and position that she has. My spouse and i am not sure why yet I have found mostly Caucasians have this sort of prejudice to the majority of minorities. They will feel like they may have this feeling of entitlement just because with the color of all their skin.?nternet site was speaking with her she told me that she discovered from her past activities and she could teach equally her sons to respect women and never to look down on these people and take care of them as equals. Because they have a sibling of their own and I don’t think that they would delight in someone dealing with their sibling inappropriately.