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In order to open a business there are numerous details that need to be determined to protect the owner ahead of opening. The parts of the business that need to be decided are: the legal sort of entity, control over the business, taxation, and loans.

The business I wish to open is known as a full service Italian restaurant. The name of the cafe will be Tony’s Italian Restaurant. In this newspaper I will describe the details of my business and talk about the Construction Scenario. Tony’s Italian Restaurant My brother and I have always dreamed of buying a restaurant.

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Through the entire years I use thought about this kind of business and am excited to open this restaurant rapidly. The business will probably be two eating places in one building. On one part there is a total service cafe with a bar and on the alternative side you will see a pizzeria. The pizzeria will be a delivery and pick-up service simply.

Legal Business Tony’s Italian language Restaurant might be a Limited Liability Company (LLC). Forming our restaurant since an LLC will permit both my brother and I to control, manage, and control the organization. This way we are able to each manage different aspects in the company. We will also be capable of have an the same share in the business.

Funding of the organization will be owner invested and various small business financial loans available throughout the government and small business affiliation of our area. The owners of the cafe will every invest equal amounts of capital into the organization in order to keep every thing uniform. Pertaining to tax uses, an LLC works out the very best for my brother and I. We will be able to data file taxes being a partnership and meaning the income or perhaps losses in the company will probably be split between us and filed on our personal taxes. This ensures us that we are not taxed two times. The most important advantage to creating an LLC is the legal responsibility issue.

With all the business since an LLC, we are not really personally responsible for any debts, obligations, or perhaps torts that can come from the organization. In order to enroll our business in the point out, we must post an article of organization to the secretary with the state of Virginia. Regulations The business like a restaurant will need to follow many different laws and regulations.

Rules concerning the providing of alcohol, serving meals, labor laws, paying taxation are all one of them business. The regulations regarding the serving of alcohol incorporate: obtaining the appropriate license, the proper identification types of procedures of customers, portion hours, and ages of servers. Of course in a cafe you have a large number of laws and regulations regarding food preparation and serving. The area health section will make frequent visits to be sure the cafe is up to similar regarding the foodstuff.

The business will need many employees to make the cafe successful. The labor laws and regulations are very important to follow. From pay rates to overtime, and laws to get minors and proper id for selecting, the laws and regulations are necessary to follow along with. There are also condition and local fees that need to be paid out on a regular basis. Virtually any violations of those laws and regulations may cause the business to be shut down.

Risks of Functioning a Restaurant As with virtually any business, there are numerous risks the moment operating a restaurant. The most important risk is usually food poisoning. Being knowledgeable in meals service, We are able to place safeguards in place to eliminate the risk of food poisoning. Other dangers include accidents to buyers, unhappy consumers, and not enough business.

I think that most from the risks linked to operating a restaurant happen to be controllable. There will much focus on detail when it comes to this theme. Conclusion With all the information My spouse and i learned from the Business Law class, I really believe I was one stage closer to rewarding my fantasy and beginning my own restaurant. Choosing the proper organization, abiding by laws and regulations, and eliminating the potential risks are great procedure for opening a small business.

Construction Scenario In the structure scenario, the most important aspect should be to adhere to the work requirements. The posted requirements are having jackhammer experience and a high college diploma. Michelle has jackhammer operator knowledge and a high school diploma. She is a perfect candidate pertaining to the job. The truth that she is pregnant should have no affect around the hiring decision unless the use of the jackhammer will have a negative influence on the being pregnant.

Eric provides jackhammer experience but no high school diploma. Since the requirements list a higher school diploma or degree, he is eradicated from the placement. Felipe also offers no high school diploma although has jackhammer experience. His is removed because of the not enough the secondary school diploma. Nick is a college graduate but no jackhammer experience.

With out jackhammer encounter he is as well eliminated from your position. The very best person intended for the job is usually Michelle. In the event that there are not any medical risks involved with a pregnant person operating a jackhammer, Title VII protects pregnant persons from becoming discriminated.