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I had fashioned selected an experience, which happened at my living place in Kuala Lumpur last year. This occurrence is concerned of a big close between me and among my housemates.

My approach to this kind of experience will be similar to Kolbs Learning Cycle. Kolbs Learning Cycle is exploring the cyclical pattern coming from all learning from experience through reflections to conceptualizations, then to active experimentation (action), and further knowledge (http://reviewing. company. ul/research/experiential. learning. htm).

In this paper, I will think about whats my feeling toward this occurrence, how I assessed my feelings in link with my family childhood and sociocultural standards as well as interpret the wedding from my housemates standpoint. Then, Sick identify the difficulties which my experience is targeted on and connect with what have others revealed the issues. Finally, I will determine my learning outcomes and weaknesses through this knowledge.


It absolutely was around a single oclock in Saturday afternoon. I was lying down on my bed. The sun experienced rose high in the sky and the sun light shone on my face through my windowpane. I looked at my time clock and was shocked to understand how overdue it was. After i walked away of my room after cleaning my own face, I could see two of my own housemates mumbling with each other with unhappy encounters. Rachel, the youngest among us with straightened hair looked to me and said, Alice, Gerald hasnt been throwing the rubbish for days in fact it is full of worms now! Extra, he altered the arrow to point at MY term! How could this individual do this? This really is unfair! The girl almost cried.

Their our house rule that each people will take use throw the trash based on a chain. If a person had placed the junk, then he/she will change the arrow upon our obligation board to point with the name of the next person, indicating that the his/her use throw the following rubbish carrier. As a property leader, I actually went to your kitchen and was shocked to find the pool of yellow and small trash worms within the rubbish tote. Some are even on the food tray! It was gross.

I actually went to knock on Geralds door. If he opened the door, the smell of his cigarettes smoke cigars rushed away from his room. The smell was so solid that I coughed. I speculate why this individual never starts his windows whenever he smokes.

Gerald, could you please toss the rubbish for all of us now? Exabrupto the tote is already filled with worms. Incidentally, u should not have changed the arrow since you have not done the duty. My spouse and i said gently to this moody and introvert guy.

Unexpected, what I got was an angry and irritating feedback filled with foul different languages, saying that this individual knew its his switch and having been planning to throw the rubbish later on, and that hes only changing the arrow in advance.

I was annoyed with his reaction but I actually remained quiet and asked him to throw the trash because I desired to clean the kitchen. Rather than doing what Ive wanted, he mumbled something and slammed the doorway on my face! I believed embarrassed. Nobody has ever before slammed a door on my face. I felt my rate of heartbeat elevated. I provided myself one minute, standing right now there to amazing myself down. Both of the ladies in the living room viewed me with shocked faces. The house was extraordinarily peaceful at that very moment. After having a while, I actually knocked in the door once again.

WHAT?!?! I alerted you Id throw it LATER ON! Dont u understand what is usually LATER? Fxxk you!

I had been horrified! This wasnt the first time for him to be rude. Thats it! This has gone too far. I have been looking to talk to him nicely and there this individual goes flowing me with rudeness and foul languages. I felt myself disrespected as a property leader. We shouted back at him with my own face since red being a tomato and there moves World Warfare III. By simply commanding him to throw the rubbish right away and saying if hes unhappy with it, he can move out of the house, I ended the quarrel and went to my personal room, slamming the door behind me.


Beside anger, my feeling toward this incident is definitely depress and contempt. By simply reflecting back to analyze the reason to what I actually felt, We identified two areas that may have impacted on my emotions: – my family upbringing and my socioculture environment inside my hometown.

I stayed with my grandparents at Lawas since my mom gave labor and birth to me right up until I was 6 years old, whilst my parents functions in Brunei Darussalam. My personal grandfather can be described as reputable person in Lawas. I was increased in an environment where every action and movements will be being controlled. Ive been taught of how to sit down, walk, consume, and speak in a correct and advanced manner. In my grandparents residence, no shouting and improper languages or perhaps manners happen to be allowed. Ive never viewed my grandma and grandpa got furious, even when We broke one of my grandfathers favorite vintage vases. This eventually switched me to a kid with good mannerism and offers good control over my outburst. As my own grandfather constantly say, Tranquility brings prosperity. Consequently, I never raise my tone of voice even if I actually am disappointed with an individual and I dont like visitors to do it in my experience either.

When I was 7 years older, my parents fetched me to Brunei Darussalam to stay with them. Like Malaysia, Brunei is a great Islamic region. However , those over you will discover very different via Malaysians. All their Islamic culture are very solid that most of these shows great courtesy to the people around them and they are very courteous. Growing in this sort of a lifestyle and method of socialization, it becomes hard to accept people who have Geralds kind of behavior.

All these while, I have been tolerating with his yelling and bad behavior. It is because my upbringing made me permit him to do that. Might be thats so why he has been doing it repeatedly as he believed I was a person with no state of mind. Another reason might be him aiming to release his stress at work through anger. However , I actually lose my own temper this time and reacted back. Therefore, I need to evaluate and realise why I allowed him to achieve that repeatedly but suddenly rush into anger.


This kind of experience splashes on problems of religion, relatives upbringing, and anger (emotion).

There are numerous definitions intended for religion. In accordance to Emil Durkheim, religion is a social institution regarding beliefs and practices based on a pregnancy of the almost holy. He advised three significant functions of faith: – sociable cohesion, sociable control, while offering a comforting sense to vulnerable gentle human condition serves better purpose (Macionis JJ, 99: 481-483).

Reflecting in the incident, I realized that I have forgotten the other greatest commandment of the Holy book, which is you shall appreciate your neighbor as yourself (MARK 12: 31). I should, therefore , like him like I love personally. I should not have introduced my anger on him although having been being irrational. In fact , I ought to diminish my hatred and anger, the same as whats written on the Holy book, Love really does no trouble for a neighbors, therefore love is the satisfaction of the regulation (ROMANS doze: 10).

Next, is usually my family upbringing. Family is the most influential socialization force which in turn stands in the centre of childrens lives. The family can transmit what they consider essential in skills, behaviors, and attitudes to the children. Additionally they passes social position to children that place them in society regarding race, racial, religion and class. These ingredients will at some point become a element of a children’s self-concept. However some of them might change, cultural standing when they are born affects children throughout their particular lives (Macionis JJ, 1999: 132-123). Hence, the way I was being raised and other several elements just like attitudes, principles and morals that my personal grandparents and parents transmitted to my opinion has a key influence on me. While Ive described earlier, my own grandfathers well-known verse can be Peace brings prosperity. Thats why Ive been permitting Gerald behaved that way frequently and never responded back.

Anger is among the elements in the Theory of Emotions. There are a number of Hypotheses of Emotions such as the James-Lange Theory and Lazarus Intellectual Theory.

According to James-Lange Theory, emotions are specific emotions caused by changes in physiological circumstances relating to the autonomic and motor functions (http:// bandeja. stanford. edu/entries/emotion/). It is recommended that people truly feel emotions if they are aware of their internal physical reactions to events, such as increased heartbeat rate or perhaps blood pressure (http://www. a2psychology. com/a2z%20guide/emotions. htm). When Gerald yelled at me personally and slammed the door in the face, I felt my own heartbeat increased. This has turned on my physiological level to a certain level. When he yelled for me to get the second period, I recognized that Internet marketing in an unrestrainable situation i burst in to anger to hide up my own fear of him. However , one particular problem with this kind of theory is that its not able to give a sufficient account from the differences between emotions just like anger and fear, and tempt person to treat emotions as brute facts. Feelings are capable of staying not only described, but likewise justified they are closely linked to the reasons that give rise to them (Taylor. G, 75: 79).

The Wayne theory likewise neglected that emotions entail evaluations. Richard Lazarus (1991) claimed in the theory (Lazarus Cognitive Theory) that assessments are necessary intended for emotion and sees the identity of particular feeling as being completely determined by the patterns of appraisal supplying rise to them (http:// plato. Stanford. edu/entries/emotion/). His theory works with with what Averill (1982) provides written about anger.

Relating to Averill, anger is actually a conflictive sentiment thats related to aggressive devices and to interpersonal living, symbolization and self-awareness. (Strongman K. T, 2003: 133-134). He distinguishes conflictive emotions coming from impulsive feelings and transcentdental emotions, which will involve an explanation in the limitations of a persons self-esteem and accepted requirements of control.

Think about my encounter, I come to the recognition that I acquired angry since I felt humiliated if he yelled and slammed his door in the face facing other housemates. His behavior had surpassed my boundary of self-pride. When he yells at me personally for the other time, My spouse and i physiologically decided that this was out of my acknowledged standard of conduct. Consequently , I broken into anger and brought up my tone of voice on him.

Within analysis of anger by Lemerise and Dodge (1993), they suggested anger as serving many functions including the regulation of physical and internal process related to self-defense and mastery (Strongman K. Big t, 2003: 134). I found all their statement is very suitable to describe both Gerald and myself. I became angry mainly because deep straight down inside, I know that his attitude has turned challenging. Thus, in order to defense me, I chose an alternate way of conveying it by simply showing him that I are angry, with the intention to make him back off. This may also be accustomed to explain his behavior in term that he was aiming to defense him self by being irritating and irritated to me to ensure that I wouldnt be able to animadvert on him for being irresponsible and yet, changed the arrow within the duty board to another person.


From this experience, I discovered that I should certainly stand still on my location at times. I actually shouldnt have got tolerated with his yelling consistently until he got used to it to become more and more horrible. I shouldve made it crystal clear to him that I hate his shouting and irritating attitude at the very first time this individual did it in my opinion in a proper way like saying, That makes me personally upset when you..

My experience showed that I are weak in protecting me from being treated desperately and that Ive over-compromised with things. I am likewise quite poor in my anger management. I realized that anger could be dangerous, especially when I actually later regretted what Ive done. Yet , anger can be beneficial in the event that expressing it might promote getting back together. Evidence to this is that Gerald apologized in my experience after the occurrence and never yelled at me personally anymore. Actually he transformed his perceptions toward me personally.

In terms of anger administration, I should not have indicated my anger no matter how issues went about. After the occurrence, Gerald and I had focused our relationship and improved the understanding of each other. In future, if similar event occur again, I wouldve made it obvious to that individual that it was not okay for him/her handle me in a way. I wont be thus emotional once again in dealing with these kinds of incident. Let me manage my own anger the simplest way I could. I actually dont consider myself good in this issue, as I sensed disappointed in not dealing with it previously. This incident wouldnt have got happened easily were effective in controlling it.