Naturalistic observation dissertation

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My observation spots are Starbucks and restaurant. I chose them as my observation location because these are the places where people normally talk, research, socialize and interact in a casual method.

Woman & Woman

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The first match I noticed is girl and girl. It was in the Starbucks, two Korean women around 19 years old will be standing on the queue to buy caffeine. Neither of them were discussing on the cellphone and the one out of the front (woman A) overturn to face the other one (woman B).

Women A were adjustable rate mortgage crossed in a relax way, woman W held her keys with her proper hand and her wallet on the other hand. Perhaps woman A were talking about something really funny because these were both laughing after your woman said something. Between the moments where right after woman A finished her talking and before they will started laughing, woman A always gently and quickly touched female B’s provide. They were position very close to each other and after they will bought the coffee, they sat in one stand.

They encountered to each other and both of them held their espresso and a bit leaned forward to each other whilst they were talking. They both equally looked assured and appreciated about the topic and performed listen to each other with attention and interest. No matter they were standing up or perhaps sitting down, all their body pose were randomly, relax and totally available to each other. They looked at the other person in a immediate gaze virtually all the time, I do believe the only period they did not looked at one another directly was when they had been trying to recall something whilst they were discussing. Although I didn’t really know what they were discussing, based on their non-verbal moves, I think self- disclosure is out there in their dialogue; for example , when ever woman B were discussing something that your woman weren’t so happy about, she would initially use her right side to contact her breasts and then reach out the hand.

Man & Man

We observed this pair in a Chinese restaurant. Actually there are three people, two males and a single woman, these were about twenty years old and they were both equally Chinese. The initial thing I seen as they strolled in may be the womanwalked in the front as well as the two guys walked side-by-side. Then following your waitress leaded them to their particular table, guy A and man B automatically made a decision to sit together side by side; using this behavior, We guessed three of them had been just good friend, none of people two men were the woman’s boyfriend or perhaps something.

Through the talking, two men by no means faced or perhaps directly eyes to each other; they will just flipped their brain a little. Two men certainly put more attention upon eating, that they didn’t appear interested in the discussion the woman lifted and had been just active eating their very own food. In addition, I discovered a very interesting thing; if the women got the dishes in front of her a lot, but not fast; and when the lady wanted to consider food from the dishes which were far away from her and front with the guys, she would bring up some discussion, try to get their attention on her face; then she’d get the meals while continue to talking to the people.

Woman & Man

The past pair We observed was back to Starbucks. There were three people seated together with all their computers on the table. One female and two men, we were holding both People in the usa and around 25 years aged. I guess these people were doing a task together, since the woman held talking to the person who sat next to her (man A) with her gaze changing from the pc to the guy and then back in computer. Could be it was the positioning and those big computers available, the woman hardly talked to man W who sat across the desk. When the woman was sending her suggestions, man A always disrupted and repeated what this individual thought she was talking about; For example , he’d say: “you mean¦put this ¦right?  Sometimes gentleman A served like he wasn’t interested at her idea in any way, he just bends his brows and says that he will not agree with this. Then the female would convert her head back to face pc and did not looked so happy about that, her facial expression looks less happy than before.

From my observation, I found out that the patterns I noticed including women appreciated to share more personal information plus they would like to talk to each other without a giant space between, and would like to talk in person; Men don’t like sit with face-to-face location, they choose side-by-side; In the industry discussion, man make the key decision. From this observation experience, I discovered lots of tiny details we usually skipped in our day to day life. Because they are too little and seem too normal, we don’tusually think they are really a big deal and just let them go by. However , no matter they were cosmetic, verbal or non-verbal; only those small details can tell us many things about what’s happening, what’s the mood among people and everything kinds of stuff.

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