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Excerpt from Dissertation:

Othello” by Shakespeare, “Oedipus the King” translated by Robert Fagles, and Girl by simply Jamaica Kincaid. These are dense and abundant pieces of writing that have was the test of time. These works carry on and influence and give insight in the modern moment. These kinds of plays which novel are filled with many styles, motifs, icons, and other literary techniques. The paper will certainly primarily target upon styles of jealousy and unfaithfulness, gender and power, eyesight, and at the heart of it, fear. The paper will limit the scope from the comparison towards the aforementioned styles and generally primary characters within each. What do these literary texts have in common and what do that they teach viewers about the human condition?

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Envy and betrayal are uncontrolled in “Othello. ” Iago is very jealous of Othello and betrays his trust. He convinces Othello that Desdemona, Othello’s fiancee, performs romantic affairs outside of their very own relationship. Iago may be envious of everyone in general. He absolutely enjoys crafting the drop of people. Oedipus’ birth mother and father, Queen Jocasta and Ruler Laius will be jealous of their infant child. They do not desire to fall season prey for the prophecy; that they wish this to be fake. They believe they can avoid the prediction by capturing the child’s ankles and leaving him to pass away or keep his destiny to the gods. Oedipus’ parents betray the trust and love father and mother normally show to their children. His mom and dad are jealous within the power the infant may potentially include over their very own lives and betray him by eliminating him. Acquired his parents not recently been jealous of Oedipus, the prophecy may well not have come authentic. Perhaps they could have proven him like and taken care of close interactions so that the baby would increase to take pleasure in Laius and Jocasta, therefore negating any kind of desire to murder his father. They would have raised Oedipus well in order to not commit incest simply by marrying his mother.

In Girl, the mother is deeply envious of her daughter. She’s jealous of her little girl’s sexuality and vivacity. There exists another sort of a parent betraying their child because of jealousy of the child. Oedipus was a child when his parents taken out him from your household. Though the prophecy explained otherwise, this individual, as an infant, was harmless and safe. The prophecy was not his fault. The daughter was naturally amazing and attractive. Her beauty and libido is certainly not her fault, per say. If anything at all, the young one’s beauty is the mother’s problem; many physical traits happen to be passed genetically from parent or guardian to children. Regardless of fault, the mother betrays familial trust and love. The mother further betrays the daughter simply by repressing her sexuality and making her feel ashamed so that comes naturally with her. The mom betrays her daughter’s trust by making her feel ashamed and guilty for being vivacious. Your woman additionally makes the girl think poorly internet marketing a intimate being probably because the mother desires those sexuality her daughter delivers effortlessly.

Iago could be jealous of Desdemona as well as Othello. Some literary scholars say that Iago is lgbt and that he damages the marriage of Othello and Desdemona mainly because his sexual interest for Othello. Iago betrays Desdemona simply by eroding Othello’s trust in her as well as splitting up their marriage. Iago manipulates Othello in to believing Desdemona is disloyal. These feelings in Othello contribute to the devastation of the partnership as well as his acts of emotional and physical mistreatment. Iago is usually malignant and chronic. Othello betrays Desdemona. Othello’s internal discord and inadequacies manifest in his abuse of her human body and nature. His abuse betrays her love. Desdemona is envious of Othello. She is jealous that he is a man and she is a woman. Just as much as it is today, even more so in the time of Othello, since James Brownish sang, “This is a mans world. ” Desdemona’s jealousy of Othello’s power in a patriarchal contemporary society relates to problems of male or female and electrical power in the enjoy.

Issues of gender and power are in work in “Oedipus the King. ” Jocasta is the queen. She is the mother and wife of Oedipus. Your woman does her best to workout what power she thinks she has. She and Laius try to eliminate