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1) Discuss the positive effect. Identify & define any kind of four key risks that you might perceive during globalization. Determine the challenges that MNC managers deal with in the 21st century. (1+2+2) 2) Attract the Open System Unit for int’l management & briefly talk about the factors for the same. (5) 3) Talk about political risk. Define several typical political risk situations around the world. Discuss how to asses & manage political hazards. (1+2+2) 4) Distinguish between elektronische geschaftsabwicklung & e-commerce.

Discuss technological environment. Talk about the factors affecting the management in the int’l arena. (1+1+3) 1) Discuss CSV. Define human rights & MNC duties. Identify & discuss a lot of code of conducts for CSR.

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List & determine some advantages of CSR in int’l industry. (1+1+1+2) 2) Draw the Moral Viewpoint of Cross-cultural Societal Integrity flowchart. Go over the Regards between values & technology. Discuss the functions of different types of sketchy payments. (1+2+2) 3) Discuss how to take care of Subsidiary-Host region interdependence. (5) Ch 03_Role of Culture 1) Define culture.

Bring & briefly discuss the diagram for environmental parameters that are influencing management features. (1+4) 2) Discuss societal & company cultures. Identify & go over the Affects of tradition on supervision. (1+4) 3) Identify & discuss the variables that form the subsystems in a contemporary society. (5) Ch 04_Communicating across Cultures 1) Draw the communication process diagram & discuss the noise for the same. Define for what reason trust-based relationship is necessary to get the success of marketing communication. (2+3) 2) Identify & go over some ethnic variables that influence the perceptions of other nations.