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1 ) Overview of the business enterprise Noodle Communicate is a noodle shop that gives Healthy Noodles. All the ingredients are prepared refreshing and ready to cook. The noodles contain protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals.

The way all of us prepare the noodles differs from the others from the normal way about how it is well prepared here in the Philippines. Thinking about this is originated from a noodle shop in Thailand. All of us serve noodles on the spot as the customers observe and wait for an food they may have ordered being served. The noodles are served clean and warm to the buyers immediately. All of us don’t work with preservatives but we employ fresh materials in making it.

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The business comes after the Thailander vendor that is used in selling noodles to the people. They use mobile joints to wheel their spots every day. Noodle Express goes to the customers but not them to come to us. We generate and provide the noodles as they hang on. 2 . Target Market Our target audience is the persons living in tiny areas.

Among the basic requires of a person is meals. We cater noodles to the people in any locations particularly the low class. Mobile stalls prefer sell noodles to the consumers. Instead of people going to shop to eat, we all use mobile phone stalls for us to go to them. The advantage of the business is that we allow customer find the flavor they really want.

In Asia, most of the noodles they are offering are spicy while here in the Korea, people want a different preference. The noodles benefits for a lot of because it is not only healthy but also inexpensive and cheap as well. three or more. SWOT research Strength Why do some of us consider Noodle Express a wholesome business?

All of the ingredients will be fresh and natural. It has Carbohydrates (noodle), proteins, (meat), vitamins and minerals (vegetables). It is cost-effective and is beneficial to all especially when our marketplace is the low class. The noodles consist of fresh substances and are not really preservatives.

Weak point Opportunities A benefit is that noodles are easy to promote. It is affordable for all. Buyers can pick the flavors they use by adding sugars, vinegar or perhaps spices on their noodles.

As Noodle Share uses portable stalls as vendors, the company can easily go to different places to sell the noodles to other consumers. It is not just the mobile stores but the organization also puts up a shop for people to come and eat. Risks 4. A conclusion and Recommendations Our organization is affordable, cheap plus the best thing coming from all, healthy. Persons can afford that since we offer a cheap price for them to purchase. Noodle Exhibit is a successful business since it is beneficial for all those.

We navigate to the customers and they go to us. Not only that it really is fresh, but it is also a wholesome food that folks could eat. Noodles happen to be healthy specially when the ingredients consist of more new veggies.