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Published: 17.02.2020 | Words: 584 | Views: 332
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The essay is beneficial in that it gives you some convincing examples of potential internet risks that can be experienced, with emphasis on how these types of “bad guys” can get apart with their actions with no regulation to control all their actions. I must agree that “people who use the internet should not be exempt from many of the rules and regulations that govern their particular conduct in other places. ” Its arguments about general internet business holds much merit.

I do agree that there should be laws and regulations against copyright laws violation, scams, child porn material, trust breach, and child-stalking. However , the essay’s wonderful failing is the fact it does not treat the issue of flexibility of appearance as much as I think it needed to in the framework of the topic, especially regarding pornography. Internet pornography an important event complicated matter, considering that various children have got internet access. The essay disagrees that porn material must be controlled, particularly because of these children.

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Although the welfare of youngsters should without a doubt be of concern to all of us, I sign up to the idea that “if you don’t want to see, don’t look. ” Encountering pornographic sites (or going everywhere on the internet for that matter) generally needs an active decision by a person. I take the view that sites on the internet will be public simply in the sense they are accessible when a person selects to access these people; but that these sites are generally not publicly displayed in the sense that the billboard in the street is. As seeing articles generally entails the decision of the person to check out, making whatsoever information accessible to whomever chooses to get into it seems to get reasonable.

There are times when a search using a seemingly innocuous phrase turns up benefits with nudity or pornographic content, particularly when I’m using a search engine with filters turned off. It seems to me that encountering sites with offensive or objectionable articles is bound to happen, even if 1 does not want to come across these people. I feel that children’s access to pornographic sites needs to be restricted. I recognize that total censorship will be very difficult to impose, but still, measures must be enacted to deter or hinder young children from accessing such sites. One remedy that has been suggested to solve this matter advocates an alteration in the domain name naming program that will conveniently identify sites that are “for adults only” (i. electronic., pornographic sites).

For example , in the event sites with adult content ends in “. xxx” rather than the usual site identifiers, users will know the fact that site contains adult articles, and therefore, may steer clear from it. Employing this system, it will likewise be easier to filter out those kinds of websites. However , when there is any censorship, it will influence everyone, not simply children. I actually still sign up for the notion which it should be the parent’s/elder’s responsibility to safeguard children from the darker aspect of the internet. History has demonstrated that something that is under control by the government does not actually disappear, but goes subterranean.

Censorship in different form can be described as blow for the whole notion of the freedom of appearance of the public. With this freedom comes responsibility, and it might actually be better to allow the public to manage themselves (on the internet) in this regard.