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Executive Brief summary

Given the latest and expected market conditions, the financial department in the Ocean Carriers Group is always to evaluate the potential revenues and expenses of commissioning a brand new capsize deliver for cargo transportation to be able to meet a received with regard to lease. A recommended approach might consist in analyzing the expectations for the world economy, trends on planet trade and potential deals; however , around time of services should be assigned in order to forecast future cash flows.

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Synopsis of details

In January 2001, Mary Linn, vp of Financial for Ocean Carriers, were required to decide if to accept a great offered leasing contract for the duration of 36 months.

In the event of acceptance of the aforementioned contract, the earnings of the firm would depend within the agreed seek the services of rates, operating costs, dispatch depreciation and inflation. Following your closure in the contract, further income will be evaluated based upon expected marketplace daily work with rates. The conditions for the proposed rental are proven in exhibit 1 .

Assertion of trouble

The life long the renting contract is fairly short and so the company must analyze if the investment as a whole will be profitable possibly after the closure of the agreement. In order to do therefore , they will have to into account the fluctuations in the daily place rates in the short and long terms, as well as existing differences in taxation policies within its offices in Hong Kong and in the United States. Last but not least, the company has to question the tenability of its 15-year policy.


Spot seek the services of rates

Daily spot hire rates will be predicted to fall in 2001 and 2002 due to anincrease in the navy size (63 new vessels are timetabled for delivery) and expected stagnation in iron ore and coal shipments. Straightener ore and coal imports are very essential for the company because they are about 85% of the freight it provides every year. Consequently , due to this future stagnation the business will face a weakened market placement, resulting in lower daily area hire prices.

Overall expense

Despite adverse market conditions in the future 2 years, long-term prospects look much more guaranteeing. Iron ore vessel shipments are going to increase due to new players joining the iron ore sector: India and Australia. As a result, in this new global industry, daily rental rates and spot daily charter prices will probably surge producing added demand for shipments.

Company’s 15-year policy

The company used to discard or offer ships right before their fifteenth year of navigation to stop paying for protection expenses linked to the 3rd exceptional survey. In accordance to our computations presented in the Exhibit 2, scrapping the vessel prior to the 15th 12 months is not advised. Results present that the NPV of a send after 15 years can be higher than the scrap benefit of your five million dollars.

Thus, we all advise the organization to keep the ship longer than 15-year period, seeing that operating the vessel over the longer period will generate additional profit and the dispatch can be scrapped some time after, granting similar million dollars. However , there are few factors that transmission why business might be willing to get rid of the vessel. Firstly, if the company’s priority is to retain a young fleet of cargo delivers, operating boats older than 12-15 years will not be the optimal decision. In fact , older ships happen to be riskier and therefore are less efficient.

Secondly, due to low with regard to older ships, leasing precisely the same vessel in future might be a great ineffective enterprise.

Investment decision

We computed two separate calculations for offered two presumptions in Exhibit 2 . According to assumption A the corporation operates in Us, thus has to pay 35% of taxation, whilst in respect to presumption B, organization operates in Hk, and it’s exempt of income taxes. Our computations show that NPV in the first scenario is unfavorable in both 2017 (-6, 350, 239) and 2027 (- some, 285, 462) due to extremely high taxes, while in the second scenario the NPV is confident in both equally 2017 (1, 719, 018) and 2027 (4, 025, 600).

It’s important to discover why we offered two content for 2017. First line shows the numbers in the matter of operating a vessel to get 15 years, whilst second column shows the values in case deliver was to always be operated for any longer period. Another important fact to consider is that in the first circumstance, when the firm operates ship only for 12-15 years, all of us excluded the administrative centre expenditure intended for 2017 related to the review, Whilst, inside the second circumstance, while functioning the send for more than 12-15 years, we all added the yearly capital expenditure again. We built an important assumption; we would not include capital expenditures from the last special survey, because we believed that the firm is scrapping the send just before the special survey is done.


In summary, keeping in mind that which we demonstrated before, the company should certainly invest in the development of the fresh vessel only in Hong Kong and should not scrap that after 15 years, because its NPV will still be great.