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Chinese meals has a long history exceeding 5, 500 years. Diverse area has different kind of cooking. As well, different design of cooking offers different feature. Chinese food covers a lot of the delicious likes from nationwide. First, Cantonese cuisine is definitely delicious and attractive, which can be always the best style of dishes. Cantonese cuisine’s characteristic is sweet, original and light. It lays importance on the food’s high freshness. (About) You will see there are many living fish that is killed and made of a dish when the customer requires.

Besides, Cantonese cuisine has many kinds of food, like shumai.

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Shumai is filled with primarily of pork, dark mushroom, green onion and ginger with seasonings of Chinese rice wine. (Wikipedia) It likes very delicious with a sodium and soft taste. It looks like the word “mouthfeel was invented for it. Is it doesn’t typical and traditional meals for Cantonese. Every time I actually go to Cantonese restaurant, Shumai is the food that I will certainly choose quickly.

Likewise, Shumai is actually the apotheosis of Cantonese cuisine in my mind. Second, Sichuan cuisine includes a long record. Sichuan dishes has a seriously long history and it can be dated back to the period of Qin Dynasty.

(Wikipedia) Nowadays, Sichuan cuisine have been famous for worldwide. And Sichuan restaurants exist in many areas in the world. Also President Obama also likes this kind of delicious food. (Z&Y restaurant) Sichuan cuisine mainly uses mi nombre es sauce, white vinegar and marinade. Without these relishes, the taste of Sichuan delicacies will break down. Besides, the perception of Sichuan delicacies is fresh and simple. (Wikipedia) For me, Sichuan cuisine is actually spicy and stimulating. The laundry are simple, nevertheless they can give us a sense of enjoyment and comfort. Sichuan cuisine contains a really lengthy history and now could be famous across the world.

Third, besides Chinese food’s tasty, it is additionally good for physique constitution. I use ever viewed many the courtroom play on TV that many emperors would allow his cooks to make treatments diet. As well, sometimes my parents will exercise . traditional Traditional chinese medicine into the soups. Although I don’t have foodie tendencies, I grew up supportive this kind of soups. Nowadays, innovative dietary remedy cuisines are made, with good taste and effect. By consuming medicine diet, I expand up a healthy diet and highly. In conclusion, Chinese language food covers many kinds of delightful food. And it is the intelligence of Oriental people. I actually am genuinely proud of this.

In the future, In my opinion that Oriental food goes on a new stage and can be appreciated by simply people worldwide. Reference Wikipedia. (n. deb. ). Shumai. Retrieved November 19, 2012, from http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Shumai#Serving About. (n. d. ). Cantonese delicacies. Retrieved The fall of 19, 2012 from http://chinesefood. about. com/od/cantonesecuisine/p/profile. htm Z&Y restaurant. (n. d. ). Chef Han. Retrieved Nov 19, 2012 from http://www. zandyrestaurant. com/en/index. html Wikipedia. (n. g. ). Diet therapy. Gathered November nineteen, 2012 from http://zh. wikipedia. org/wiki/%E8%97%A5%E8%86%B3.

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