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The center Ages had a strong effect on the performance of basic values, morals and procedures of all sort of people, currently the Catholic church come to its highs as the dominant personal, religious and cultural authority, also was a important source of moral and spiritual training, it was the patron and wellspring of artistic creativeness. Faith was represented in many Artworks, such paints, cathedrals, statues and manuscripts.

The medieval specialist, architect and composer offered the Christian population by simply recreating God’s plan, that they direct the point to salvation of the heart and soul, their artworks were designed to link the temporal and divine area. The Virgin and Child is a part of Christianity iconography, there are several themes in the iconography of the Virgin Mary: Martha in Majesty, the rendering where Martha is above everything, mom of Our god, Mary mom in a a lot more natural situation mother and son seem.

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The early Christian iconography is incredibly rich, the tempera approach (was the exclusive piece of art medium of artists throughout the Middle Ages), representative simplicity, no chromatic limitation (light colors hardly used in the paints) and impressionistic character of the figures, forming a painting that goes beyond the trust representation besides making people staying fascinated by their splendor.

When i was in the museum I really could appreciate different forms of art, but the color “Virgin and Child capture my attention, because it is glory and magnificence presence, when I was looking at this European art work I could view the virgin Martha dressed with a orange outfit and a blue hide, blond curly hair, and sound stared, onto her right part, holding Christ baby, doré hair too, covered having a red cloth and he can holding a bird (symbol of resurrection) in the left, on baby Jesus the neck and throat a red coral pendant that signify protection against wicked, around virgin Mary a gold halo over the mind, and baby Jesus a red halo that stand for glory and majesty.

The half-length family portrait is painted in a red/gold floral theme wall, a gold framework border with leafs in the top, and on the underside these words AVE NANCY GRATIA PLENA DOMI (phrase of a latina prayer). I really could realize that the fabric was solid wood, very hard smartly designed.

Medieval art work in wood panel, layered With gesso, painted in tempra, adorned with gold leaf, the artist develop a flavor for attractive abstraction throught line, eliminating space, as a result increasing the size of the image. The painting is usually two-dimensional, flat, balanced, it can be based on the draw plus the line. Since the rest of the artworks, seeks to improve the superiority from the virgin and the child, it is therefore expressionist art, I think, providing an little importance to light, modeling, qualification and colors, since used level colors, contrasting colors, with warm and cold colours. Warm colours attract the attention of the viewers, and that vibrate in their very own environment, whilst could colours represent tranquility.

This beautiful piece has a schematic grace, through which line induce the well-defined, metalic stars in Virgin mobile Mary darker blue layer, their gestures palm program two figures raised in Christ kid right side symbol with the bond between parents and children, in cases like this, the Virgin mobile and Christ child, plus the inferior area with a key phrase prayer. In my researching to look for information about the musician of this artwork, I could locate some interesting facts because the author can be an anonymous painter, therefore when I look at the name from the artist I realize that Grasp of the Straus Madonna is a pseudonym given to an unknown Italian language artist whom worked in Florence toward the beginning of the 15th 100 years.

Art historians use the naming Master of to name the works of anonymous artists for convenience in discussing them. Straus refers to Mister. and Mrs. Straus, who have donated this kind of painting towards the MFAH in 1944. Edith A. and Percy S i9000. Straus were art historians, critics, and collectors, they were owners greater than eigthy valuable pieces of art and this collection is definitely dating through the thirtheenth to the nineteenth centuries and contains many region origins, a number of these pieces had been acquired in Europe. The Straus spouse were via New York, nonetheless they decide to place their collection in Houston because we were holding think that it can be more open to the sw people.

In summary I want to said that it was a wonderful experience to achieve the opportunity to visit this Museum of Great Arts at Houston, since is not the same when we look the paints in computer system instead if we go to the Museums we can value and learn a lot more about the artwork. My spouse and i learn that medieval portrait styles had been generally emblematic and expressionists, they communicate and transfer the hope to the people once look at it, the usage of bright shades, and ornamental treatment of kind. I no longer could picture what the creator of this art was pondering in the moment of doing the attracts for this color, may be she or he was a worshipper and he just want to present to us a method to deify God.


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