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It was conceptualized since people have cultivated to like the so-called “pancit bame” now commonly known as pancit malabon.

The “NG TAGA” at the central of its name signifies we offer fresh, clean, safe and cost-effective food. Filipinos being affected by Oriental tradition make it a part of their particular tradition to enjoy long noodles during special event symbolizing long life and chance. Nowadays, pancit malabon isn’t just a foodstuff during gathering but part of merienda choices. Filipinos staying close made, loved to have with family members and most of these love to acquire different meals for the family to share with.

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With the changing lifestyle of the new period, where folks are so occupied and planned to eat fast yet practical, we have reinvented ourselves and came up with a new concept. Hence, we exposed kiosks and stalls where we offer not simply our pancit malabon yet also various other products fast, easy yet affordable. It absolutely was established since 1965 as being a renowned Philippine fast food sequence serving meals with their unique and extraordinary taste with their delicious pancit and other related products.

Their particular pride is predominantly around the most recognized and magnificent Pancit Malabon in Bilao. Today, the business is not only offering pancit but in reality offer a multitude of sumptuous food packages just like the Fiesta Meals and Binalot Festival. They also expand their very own branches to be able to fully regulate and founded a stronger footing. III.

Solution to the Problem Upon analyzing the problem we’ve been accumulated, the advocates came up with a solution to the issue of the firm which is through the use of computerized system that will aid the company to reduce slow digesting of purchases and quickly generate receipts and reports needed by management. It will likewise maximize their very own time and prevent loss of info. The system will likely promote backup and recovery of data files for business information security functions.

The system can serve as the permanent safe-keeping of data with the supplies inside the inventory for it will monitor the essential level of each supply plus the quantity of items used in each product which were produced.