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Some think that this is a union backed bailout and that the union does not have interest in guarding the American tax paying customer. These people believe that the USPS should be remaining to kitchen sink or go swimming and that in the event that they fail this would be quick government worker reduction. Different believe that it has been determined that items cannot go on the way they are ultimately, far-reaching changes are necessary for endurance.

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Rebuttal to Reasons for Non-Passage

The passing of HR 1351 is a superb first step in enabling the USPS to outlive. The current problems is basically a consequence of HR 6407. In 2006, the us Congress handed the Nota Accountability and Enhancement Take action of 06\ (PAEA). This bill required that the USPS prepay it is potential healthcare benefit repayments to retired people for the next seventy-five years in a ten-year time span. The profound hole of debt that is certainly presently facing the USPS is completely due to the burdensome prepayments for upcoming retiree medical care benefits imposed by Our elected representatives in this work (Nader, 2011).

Congress is in the end responsible for making this mess and thus has to be the ones to solve it. Devoid of swift Congressional action with this just and sensible assess, the United States Postal Service along with this the areas it binds and the over one trillion economy that fosters directly are in serious peril. Make not any mistake, this kind of cannot genuinely be mislabeled a bailout since all of the funds are actually there but not a dime originated in taxes. Including the end during, this targeted understanding is definitely fundamental for the increasing of good operational efficiencies already in progress.


The future of USPS and mail delivery is not looking glowing. As technology continues to advance, USPS can persevere to struggle to discover a place intended for itself. Our elected representatives, non-etheless, is making that effort actually harder by simply staggering USPS’s capability to save money and by banning competition. Mail service may well lose the battle for continued existence, but it ought to be permitted generate a run. As digital technologies become more and more available, mail is utilized less and less. E-mail, online costs payment, and even digital greeting cards are taking the area of newspaper and rubber stamps. The disposition is clear Outstanding mail volume has shrunk twenty percent since its peak in 2006, and the land shows no sign of ending. This doesn’t automatically show that mail support will go apart altogether. Right now there may very well be a use intended for hand-delivered mail going forward. And package delivery is up in the current online shopping economic system. But there’s no doubt the environment and opportunity of snail mail delivery will alter radically.

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