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Carl Rogers Video Assessment

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The author of the report is asked to find and view any video about Carl Rogers. Specifically, it should focus on the man’s contributions to psychotherapy generally or it will pertain to person-centered therapy in particular. The video in question was found on Vimeo and particularly relates to person-centered therapy. The video was evidently produced or supported by the web site psychotherapy. net. The title of the video is “Carl Rogers on Person-Centered Therapy. ” While there are general beneficial techniques and practices that can and should be used, there should be a focus on the patient like a person if perhaps therapy is going to work as well as it can or should.


The video starts off with Rogers himself saying that this individual finds it extremely “fortunate” if perhaps he can have a therapy session and that he can accept a patient as they are and with no sham. However , this individual notes this is sometimes very hard. Rogers covers how this individual once counseled a Southern region African person that has not been exactly the picture of morality. Further, Rogers conceded that he was a guy that “stretched his responsive abilities. inch However , he pushed through with the classes and individuals him. Rogers says he later discovers that the guy is actually significantly better now and has changed the direction of his life (YouTube, 2015).

Rogers in that case says the lesson he learned as a result experience is the fact if they can “generally understanding” of the affected person that is staying treated, then perhaps they can make several progress. This individual further states that it is crucial to listen to the words that are being said and what precisely those phrases mean. He admits that that this is very important because it assists fetter out and drag out the “person within. ” Obviously, the “person within” needs to be known and figured out by the specialist so that the best results feasible are gained through the therapy that is occurring. However , he also records that it is “helpful” if he cares about anybody in a meaningful way. Because noted previously mentioned, that is not constantly manifested and because some individuals and their life is quite sullied. However , this individual does be aware it is optimal. Rogers likewise notes that it must be very helpful in the event that he can “be himself” and not a distant “expert” that has to remain medical and professional.