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Police Violence, Taser, Community Policing, Extreme Force

Research from Term Paper:

1). This kind of study reviews that it is vital that you weigh both “… legal and extralegal factors” inside the attempt to figure out police wrong doings. Furthermore, “… implications to get issues of racial and ethnic stereotyping… ” must be given consideration in incidents of police misconduct and allegations of misconduct on the part of cops is critically necessary.

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The effort of Judith a. Greene entitled: “Zero Tolerance: A Case Study of Police Procedures and Methods in New york city City” claims that: “The police reforms introduced in New York City by simply William Bratton are now acclaimed by Gran Rudy Giuliani as the epitome of “zero-tolerance” policing, and he credits them for winning dramatic reductions inside the city’s criminal offenses rate. But the number of citizen complaints filed before the Civilian Complaint Review Board provides jumped skyward, as gets the number of legal cases alleging law enforcement officials misconduct and abuse of force. A comparison of crime rates, arrest statistics, and citizen grievances in New york city with those in Hillcrest – in which a more problem-oriented community policing strategy has been implemented – gives good evidence that effective criminal offenses control could be achieved although producing fewer negative influences on metropolitan neighborhoods. inches (1999) This is certainly clearly an instance in Nyc of a culture of law enforcement misconduct was administratively developed and which has not been effective in urban areas in terms of the impacts and outcomes.


Cleary, the socio-cultural aspects of police wrong doings need to be better understood to better cope with the challenge of the two misconduct between police officers and occurrences of false accusations of authorities misconduct by public. Understanding socio-cultural factors in perceived and determined police misconduct will considerably contribute to more beneficial management of those types of socially and culturally started problems and avoidance with the development of these kind of problems.


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Police Misconduct – Research Proposal