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Support activities assist the primary actions in helping the organisation attain its competitive advantage. That they include: Procurement: This office must supply raw materials for the business and have the best price for doing so. The battle for purchase is to obtain the best possible quality available (on the market) for their spending budget. Technology creation: The use of technology to obtain a competitive advantage is essential in today’s technical driven environment.

Technology can be utilized in many ways which include production to lower cost as a result add benefit, research and development to build up new products plus the internet thus customers include 24/7 entry to the organization.

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Human resource management: The organisation will need to recruit, teach and develop the correct persons for the organisation to hit your objectives. Staff must be motivated and paid the ‘market rate’ if they are to be with the business and add benefit. Within the assistance sector including the airline market, employees will be the competitive edge as customers are investing in a service, which can be provided by staff; there isn’t a product for the consumer to take apart with all of them.

Firm infrastructure: Every organisations needs to make sure that their budget, legal structure and management structure work well and helps travel the enterprise forward. Ineffiecient infrastructure can be waste assets, could affect the firm’s status and even let it stay open to aigu? and sanctions.


Inbound logistics: Refers to items being obtained from the organisation’s suppliers and also to be used intended for producing the end product. Businesses: Raw materials and goods are made into the last product. Benefit is included with the product at this stage as it movements through the production line. Outbound logistics: Once the products have been produced they are prepared to be sent out to circulation centres, wholesalers, retailers or perhaps customers. Distribution of done goods is called outbound strategies.

Marketing and Revenue: Marketing need to make sure that the item is targeted towards the accurate customer group. The advertising mix can be used to establish a powerful strategy, virtually any competitive advantage is plainly communicated towards the target group through the advertising mix. Services: After the product/service has been offered what support services does the organisation offer customers?. This could come in the proper execution of post sales training, ensures and guarantees. With the above activities, any or a mix of them are essential if the organization are to develop the “competitive advantage which in turn Porter discusses in his book.

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