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Scary, Tears

Tears of the Sunlight, a movie released in 2003, tells the story of any team of Navy Finalizes and their lieutenant as they endeavor on a objective to draw out a ALL OF US doctor, a mission clergyman and nuns. The movie is founded on true events that took place in the overdue 1960s, during the Nigerian City War. The movie shows how a military as well as the rebels always create complications for the Navy SEALs. The movie occurs in the Nigerian jungle, for the reason that US armed forces must remove the US doctor and arrive at safety.

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The Nigerian Civil War, also called the Biafran War, was a conflict that was fought to be able to counter the secession of Biafra from Nigeria. It consisted of two groups who were primarily fighting against one another, the initially were the Igbo persons in asian Nigeria, while the people these people were fighting against was the Authorities of Nigeria. In a academic journal, written by Falode Adewunmi James, that says the fact that Federal Government fought the war to maintain the corporate existence of Nigeria, while the Igbos harping on the guidelines of self-determination, were fundamentally interested in creating an independent express called ‘Biafra’ carved out of Nigeria. When it comes to self-determination, the Igbo people wished to determine their particular statehood and form their particular allegiances and government. This specific civil warfare showed the struggle between your people of the country and the govt, it was challenging between the greater powers.

With the method that the civil war was at Nigeria, it had been a fight for freedom and nationhood for The Republic of Biafra. The Republic of Biafra was composed of a number of states of Nigeria, and it was created because the Igbo people were forced to flee for the east after massacres were erupting between the Muslims and Christians in northern Nigeria. The Republic of Biafra was exactly about building a land and establishing their own freedom and government, while Nigeria wanted to remove the Republic and bring all of the Nigerian states collectively. During that period, Nigeria was known as a heterogenous country, which means that its countries did not all come together and were segregated, due to plethora of different people and cultures. The Federal Government of Nigeria planned to make Nigeria a homogenous country, solely for the purpose of the economic assets. The different people and tribes throughout Nigeria felt that their viewpoints and values were not getting respected, because they each got their own government set up, and that the only point they had in common was that that were there the same nation name. This kind of created a rift between the persons of Nigeria and the Federal Government of Nigeria, and that is when they decided to enter The Republic of Biafra.

The key cause of the war was because the Nigerian government did not respect the different administrations that were set up in north and the southern area of Nigeria, and how they were unlike one another. In an academic log, written by Brian McNeil, the text says that the British colonial time system was based on “so much inequality and injustice” that the municipal war was bound to happen. The Nigerians wished to find a way to balance the administrations and bring a kind of peace and stability numerous country. The people took matters into their very own hands, produced The Republic of Biafra and reported themselves a completely independent state. The us government of Nigeria saw that as separation and that was illegal, so they had to help make the Republic of Biafra give up to the Government of Nigeria, even if it meant by force.

The war started on July two, 1967 and ended in January 12-15, 1970. During this time, a lot of battles were fought, bloodstream was shed and there is still not any compromise the fact that two groups were able to fulfill on. The war was fought to reunify the nation, but wound up causing even more problems involving the government and the Igbo people.

Could the Nigerian Civil Battle happened, Nigeria had been facing many issues that related to political leaders looking to unify all of Nigeria and the different people. This could date completely back to the 1920s. In an article authored by a US Marine, the text says the Chief of the servants General of Nigeria between 1920-31, Sir Hugh Clifford, described Nigeria as a variety of independent Local States, separated from one one more by wonderful distances, by differences of history and customs and by ethnological, racial, tribal, political, cultural and faith based barriers. Discovering what the earlier governor stated about Nigeria, and with the events leading to the Nigerian Civil War, you can see how hard it was to unify the country and the diverse states. Also, by the political leaders highly focusing on the resources for economical interests, they will stray faraway from all of the elements to help unify the country, including different nationalities, different lifestyles, etc .

To tie up this for the movie, Tears of the Sunlight, the movie shows the struggle and disputes that occur between the ALL OF US and the rebels. The rebels are furious with the political refugees for not siding with them up against the Federal Government of Nigeria, that they can kill anyone that does not join them. Also, the Nigerians previously do not have esteem for the Americans, as they are always looking to interfere with their particular problems, therefore when they realize that the People in the usa are in Nigeria and helping the refugees, they will feel that they must handle the problem so that the political refugees do not turn to anyone else except the guerilla rebels. The rebels need to show that they will be strong plus they can handle themselves, so they will destroy everything that is related to the Nigerian authorities so that they can rebuild it within their own eye.