Poseidon the greek our god analyzing the character

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Poseidon’s both roman name was Neptune which meant god of the sea and earthquakes. He is generally in his watery domain beneath the sea. In the event that Poseidon planned to he could mess with water, lightning and storms which usually made these people strong and violent. Having been one of the substantial gods of Mount Olympus.

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Poseidons parents are Rhea and Cronus and they are both Titans. He is one of 6 siblings that divided powers of the world. Their names were Zeus, Hestia, Hades, Hera, and Demeter. He was married to Amphitrite, Nereus girl. He had two children with Amphitrite named Triton and Rhode and offered birth to seals and dolphins. He previously many other kids with other females.

When Poseidon was born Cronus his daddy swallowed him and his brothers. Cronus thought his kids would undoing him just like he would his personal father so he needed them dead. Zeus preserved all a few of them and led a war with Cronus and the other Titans. When he was an adult he had many associations with other people then had many kids behind Amphitrites back.

Poseidon was beyond middle age group but not also old. He previously grey frizzy hair and a sizable beard and extremely muscular. He had a trident for his weapon which he reigned over the oceans. His icons were the trident, dolphin, horse, turquoise, ash woods, and a white pine tree.

In celebration of Poseidon historic Greece that they gave items and pets or animals sacrifices in grand wats or temples built in the glory of him. His temple is in Sounion, Greece the Views of Hresea. Poseidon was worshipped as the fertility god and connection of nav. He had a palace underneath the sea manufactured from gems and coral although spent the majority of his time in Mount Olympus.

A misconception about Poseidon is called “The Tale of Poseidon and Medusa”. Just before Medusa acquired snakes in her hair and could change people in to stone the lady was a gorgeous maiden. One day Poseidon needed new relationship and noticed Medusa inside the loving sunlight. She got a assurance of chasity and don’t have no interest in Poseidon but that failed to stop Poseidon in any way. As the time went by he attempted “wooing” her but failed to work and so he acquired angry and tried choosing her with force. The girl ran for the temple of Athens, twisted herself in gold and plead intended for help yet her would like were unanswered. So when ever Poseidon identified her this individual took her and had her way with her and left her there. Once Athens found she reprimanded Medusa and turned her into a monster with snakes as locks with golden wings and whoever looked at her converted into stone. As the result she had twins by Poseidon one was obviously a horse named Pegasus and a man which has a giant stature named Chrysaor.

As the result Poseidon was good for aiding people across the sea and maintaining the sea. But was a poor person intended for cheating on his wife with countless fans.