Poverty in young and middle adulthood essay

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Published: 20.03.2020 | Words: 432 | Views: 64
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An explanation of how poverty impacts the experience of persons in young and middle adulthood?

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The bad poverty cycle in young adults and middle-aged persons suggests the passing of long term impediments and problems from generation to generation. A number of transmitted plagues include: insufficient schooling/education, disease transmission, kid labor pertaining to aiding parents in bringing up the as well as no standard personal care. Extremely low family revenue and mature joblessness promote an atmosphere that makes it practically impossible for youngsters from this kind of households to attend school. In the meantime those who are in a position to attend school fail to realize that hard work and dedication will be able to change their particular lives for the best, since they see their parents regularly failing at this job (Dario, 2015).

The following activities are also connected to poverty in young adults and middle-aged persons: Drug and alcohol wrong use – from African slum-dwellers to American adults, this kind of self-destructing practice is usually adopted as a means of coping with the despair and considerable stress that comes with unemployment and destitution; crippling injuries because of risky work climates in the agricultural and commercial sectors, furthermore to different workplace hazards like pesticide poisoning, lead poisoning, and wild-animal hits owing to inadequate protection; substandard living and lodging circumstances, which has customarily been identified as a way to obtain disease; and food and water linked ailments due to simple purpose that poverty-ridden people are struggling to afford a safe drinking water supply and meals (Dario, 2015).

A statement as to whether you think low income is the response to cultural or individual characteristics; provide support for your situation?

In my opinion, low income stems from individual characteristics. Consequently , I would considerably stress within the importance of individual responsibility and sincere, fully commited efforts for acquiring standard necessities just like food, healthcare services and housing. Person traits as well highlight the very fact that good characteristics, skills and diligence can lead to success. Last but not least, individual low income represents someone failure due to lack of travel (Sameti, Esfahani Haghighi, 2012).

An answer to this questions about the theory of poverty you selected:

What aspects of this theory can be most suitable for your practice? For what reason?

I chose the structural poverty theory while the unit most relevant to my sociable work. I agree with the theorys premise that