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The first man was perfect, Made in the image of The almighty and likeness (Genesis one particular: 26). Picture in this case should not refer to the entire body; God is known as a spirit when man is definitely earthly. Image here would mean the divine attributes that God endued man with, separating mankind from other animals. Short provides six Our god like features that man posses. They are language, creativity intellectual capability, dominion over the earth, like holiness, immortality and liberty (5). Many of these attributes happen to be arguably not possible without such as the body in the image.

Man is distinguishable from all other living creatures because of his relationship with God. Grudem gives five aspects of the likeness to God. These types of aspects of individual existence reveals man to be more like Our god than the rest of creation. The aspects happen to be: ¢ Meaningful aspect: Individual has an interior sense of right and wrong that set him part by animals. ¢ Spiritual factors: Man’s psychic lives permit him to relate to Goodness as folks, to hope and hear him speaking his term to him.

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¢ Mental element: man has the capacity to reason and think realistically.

¢ Relational aspect: even though animal also relate to each other, the depth of interpersonal harmony in human being relations; in marriage, chapel is much increased and function determined by God’s guidelines. ¢ Man’s great pride as bearers of God’s image. Despite the fact that man is in the image of Goodness, God has no the physical form although is a nature. b) Similarities and differences between the gods and individuals, according to the Iliad Greek gods are not spiritual beings but are anthropomorphic. They resemble human beings and usually act in human ways.

They represent human thoughts, virtues and vices. That they further are organized in divine friends and family, which copies the patriarchy of human being society. Iliad gods are concerned with human affairs. Many goddesses might mate with human beings, sire children would you favor all of them in times of war. The Iliad presents a task on two planes, your and the keen. The gods serves to emphasise the constraint of gentleman, his short life, and the ultimate meaningless of man affairs. Operate cited Brief J. 3rd there’s r, The image of God. Viewed on 09/07/10 from http://www.

answersingenesis. org/creation/v4/i1/man. asphttp://www. answersingenesis. org/creation/v4/i1/man. asp Dunkle R, classic beginning of western culture. Seen on 09/07/2010 from http://ablemedia. com/ctcweb/netshots/homer. htm Grudem. W, the Uniqueness of People: “In the of Our god viewed in 9/7/10 from http://www. creationbc. org/index. php? option=com_content&view=article&id=131&Itemid=5 Query 2: What is the agreement? (Gen: doze and 15) The covenant refers to the Abraham agreement. Abraham is told to leave his people, have his better half and go on to Canaan.

The covenant seen in Genesis doze: 1-3 states: “and I will make you a great nation, and i also will bless you, and make your brand great and also you shall be a blessing: And I will bless them that bless you, and curse them that curse you: and in you all groups of the earth are blessed.  Abraham might receive the seven physical benefits only if he’d obey The almighty. Nations in Abraham time would be blessed through Abraham. The covenant has 4 basic provisions, these are: ¢ Special prefer with Goodness. ¢ Land provision ¢ Special opt to Abrahams physical offspring’s, and

¢ Unique favor to Abraham’s spiritual seeds Relationship among Abraham Agreement and Variety Ten Orders of Exodus 20 The Mosaic Legislation was a zwischenstaatlich covenant built specifically for His home country of israel to govern her existence in the Promised Land. In the Abrahamic covenant, Israel was a chosen country, an instrument by which God could bless all the other nations. Yahweh was her Theocratic california king to guideline and slowly move the nation to her destiny, safeguard the nation via pollution and contaminations by other nations hence match the God’s intended purpose.

The Mosaic country was therefore instituted to direct Israel as a land in all spheres of her life- morally, socially, noteworthy, economically and religiously. Operate cited Grudem. W, the Uniqueness of Human Beings: “In the about 9/7/10 via Image of The almighty viewed http://www. creationbc. org/index. php? option=com_content&view=article&id=131&Itemid=5 Keathley L. j The Mosaic Regulation. Viewed on 09/07/10 by http://bible. org/article/mosaic-law-its-function-and-purpose-new-testament Question three or more The origin of evil and human enduring according to:

¢ Hebrew scriptures Relating to Rhodes, evil is something that is not an living of its very own: it alternatively is file corruption error of that which will already exists. It is lack or privation of some thing good (3). Evil can be found either since natural nasty or meaningful evil. Meaning evil can be evil that we human beings originate: cruel, unjust, vicious and perverse thoughts and actions. Natural bad is nasty that stems independently human being actions: in disease, earthquakes, storms, droughts etc . In Gen1: 31, the original creation was incredibly good. No sin, not any evil with no death.

The turn down come after Mandsperson and Eve choose to use all their God offered free can and violently chose to go against him. Produced in the image of God, man was given the risky gift idea of free will certainly. Based on the above mentioned fact, it might be right to argue that God got the potential for wicked, when he bequeathed upon guy the freedom of choice but the beginning of wicked came s i9000 result of man’s who disobeyed God to get his very own selfish personal desires. ¢ Sayings of Buddha According to Buddha, craving is the root cause of all human struggling. To him craving is the central bad that reduced life to a bundle of painful despair.

As long as there are delightful and pleasurable points, the desire would persevere. Craving takes root in the sense, in the eye, inside the ear, in the nose, inside the tongue in the mind and the body. Sensuous craving triggers accumulation of present and future enduring. These built up craving in that case leads visitors to various type of conflicts and quarrels or wicked functions like stealing robbery or seducing other men’s girlfriends or wives which results in fatal pain or death ( the commendable truth of the origin of suffering). ¢ Hesiod in Works and Days According to Hesiod, gods continue to keep secretes of your easy your life away from guys.

From Hesiod’s work, Prometheus was able to snatch the gift idea of fire by man, pilfering it from your gods; this kind of angered Zeus who vowed to problem men. He sent the evil seductress Pandora these people “all gifts like illnesses, pain and evil. Hesiod believes that women are wily, wiggling traps to lead men to destruction. Goodness keep men helpless, males then live lives of toil to avoid starvation. Job cited Rhodes. R, Remarks on the Difficulty of Bad. Viewed on 09/07/10 coming from http://ldolphin. org/evil. html Problem 4 Meanings of the Hebrew words intended for prophet The regular word for prophet in Hebrew can be nabi and meaning speaker.

Other Hebrew words connected with prophetic figures are hozeh and ro’eh, both meaning some one that sees. Nabi and Hozeh are close synonyms. The roles a prophet packed during the period of the Hebrew Kingdom, from Saul to the relégation and return from Babylon Prophets enjoyed an important position in His home country of israel political life. In the monarchy and go up to power of Saul, Samuel played a significant role in the decision and action. Samuel was at the frontline in the appointment of David (1sam 8-12; 15-16). Even prophets who had a very good burden to improve false religious practice just like Hosea tackled political concerns strongly.

Prophets would be consulted about the future. They were powerful to bless or curse, like in the Moabite prophet Balaam shows (nun 22). Prophets would also conduct miraculous or symbolic serves like; Showing unusual electricity over nature (1 Kgs 17: 1-8, 41-46), Feeding people by simply miraculous means (1 Kilos 17: 8-16; 2 Kgs 4: 1-7; 4: 38-44), Healing persons (2 Kilos 5: 1-19) or triggering others to fall ill (2 Kgs a few: 20-27), Growing the dead (1 Kilos 17: 17-24; 2 Kgs 4: 8-37) and Carrying out other miraculous and/or representational actions (1 Kgs 18; 2 Kilos 6)

“Prophet’s reward in Old Legs times Inside the Old Testament times, every single prophet passed pain of rejection, do it yourself doubt, persecution, and finally vindication just after the unfolding of history validates their prophetic utterances. Jeremiah, after many years of warning his people of unidentified evil coming from north, wearied by non satisfaction of his prophecies, even his family members plotted against him to consider his existence in order to quiet him.

Differences between visions and messages of the prophets Prophet in the bible were not were not generally foretellers, that they in addition finding would criticize the present incorrect doing, injustice, oppression, and rich, magnificent worship even though the poor starved. Amos, as an example looked at the future often to advise. He warned against disobedience and its consequences. Bible book: Prophets, seen on 11/07/10 from record: ///C: /Documents%20and%20Settings/User/Desktop/prophets. htm