Principles of managing information and producing documents Essay

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Evaluation Please note this Assessment record has your five pages and it is made up of four Sections.

Name: Sylvia Pratt Section you – Be familiar with purpose of i . t in a business environment 1 . In relation to your existing business environment (or one that you are familiar with), identify for least two different types of information technology that may be used when doing work duties. 2 . What are the benefits to businesses (and others) of using information technology for doing work tasks? Chart provides exact calculation Section 2 – Understand how to deal with electronic and paper-based data 1 . Describe the purpose of saying yes objectives and deadlines when researching information. When possible, refer to certain examples coming from research responsibilities you have labored on to support your answer.

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2 . Identify the various ways of researching, organising and reporting details. 3a) For your organisation (or one you know well), illustrate the methods that need to be adopted when stroage, retrieving and deleting details. Your response should cover procedures for both electronic and paper based information. 3b) When following the procedures layed out in Question 3a above, what are the legal requirements to consider? some. Why is confidentiality critical once managing data?

Section three or more – Be familiar with purpose of generating documents that are fit for purpose 1 . Identify at least two reasons for creating documents that are fit to get purpose. installment payments on your Use the stand below to explain some of the different kinds and styles of documents that are produced in a organization environment, then explain once these different options may be used. Section 4 – Know the methods to be used when creating documents 1 . In most organisations, time is usually taken to acknowledge the purpose, content material, layout, quality standards and deadlines to get the production of documents. Exactly what are the reasons pertaining to doing this degree of planning?

2 . Businesses is going to spend time examining finished paperwork for accuracy and reliability and correctness. a) Just how is this performed? b) Why is this performed? 3. Make clear the purpose of subsequent confidentiality and data safeguard procedures when preparing documents. four. In business conditions, there is often a requirement to use notes as the basis intended for text and documents. a) Compare the several types of documents that may be produced from notes and include an outline of the file format of each file. b) Explain the methods to be followed when preparing text from paperwork.

Once you have completed all some Sections of this kind of Assessment, head to and send work to your tutor for observing.