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Stephen Schwartz

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Composer Sophie Schwartz

Sophie Schwartz is actually a composer and a lyricist for music theater in the us. He has worked in that capacity for more than 40 years. Many people are knowledgeable about his work, even if they have not read about his name. In the event they have viewed a major film or visited a major play in the last few years, they have almost certainly heard music, lyrics, or perhaps both that were created simply by Schwartz. Whilst he frequently keeps a very low upvc profile, he is a really talented person that continues to make an impression the musical community together with his creations pertaining to major movies and level plays.

Early on Life

Created in Ny, NY, Schwartz is the boy of Lin Lorna, who was a instructor, and Stanley Leonard Schwartz, who worked well in the business field (Anderson, 1976). He were raised in Nassau County, inside the Williston Recreation area area, and graduated by Mineola Secondary school (Anderson, 1976). While having been attending senior high school, Schwartz likewise studied formula and keyboard at Julliard. In 1968, he managed to graduate with a Bachelors of Great Arts via Carnegie Mellon University (Anderson, 1976).

Personal Life

In 1969, Schwartz married Carole Piasecki (Schwartz, 2014). You will find two children given birth to of the marital life: Scott and Jessica (Schwartz, 2014). Schwartz was selected president of the Dramatists Guild of America in 2009, but still had that position in 2014 (Schwartz, 2014). The majority of his exclusive and personal a lot more kept the two private and personal, as Schwartz does not consider himself a celeb.


The most important information on Schwartz is the details detailing his career. This individual has worked upon projects like Godspell, Wicked, and Pippin. He likewise created lyrics for a number of well-liked films, like the Prince of Egypt, The Hunchback of Notre Hie, Enchanted, and Pocahontas. Schwartz’ first significant work was as a producer at the record company RCA. He did not hold that job long, because he started at the theater on Broadway. Chosen because the musical director in the Survival of St . Joan, he had the privilege of working on the first U. S. mountain opera (Anderson, 1976).

Next, he performed as and was created like a producer on the soundtrack that was created with progressive rock and roll group Smoke Rise. That was about Paramount Documents. However , his first major credit was included with a name song that he devised for a perform called The butterflies are Free. That play was made into a movie, and his tune was also used in that version, bringing Schwartz modest success and a much higher degree of acknowledgement than he had previously loved with his very early operate (Suskin, 1992).

The lyrics and music for Godspell were written by Schwartz in 1971 (Stephen, 2014). These were widely celebrated, and Schwartz won two Grammys to get his operate. In 1972, Godspell was going to be produced in Barcelone, and Schwartz asked Paul Shaffer to be the musical director for it. That started Shaffer’s career, which usually launched him into a trusted name. Once Godspell was accomplished, Schwartz done Mass, that has been created by the legendary Leonard Bernstein (Stephen Schwartz Biography, 2014). That officially exposed the John F. Kennedy Center for the Executing Arts, located in Washington, Deb. C (Suskin, 1992). Pippin premiered in Broadway that same year (Stephen Schwartz Biography, 2014). Schwartz acquired started composing songs for your show while he was still attending college or university, but none of those ended up being in the final Broadway production.

Both Godspell and Pippin are made frequently, although they were 1st created several years ago. They may be popular shows for many causes, not the very least of which is definitely the music and lyrics that Schwartz and so artfully made for both of them. The dedication he has to his craft excels through in anything and everything this individual does, magnification his abilities and the top quality of what he does, along with the wish to see what he will generate and offer towards the public subsequent. Both abilities and work ethics keep him in demand.

It absolutely was two years following your debut of Pippin that Schwartz wrote The Magic Show’s music and lyrics. That show happened to run for nearly two, 000 performances, and by enough time Schwartz was at his mid-20s he had 3 major musicals, all of them enormous hits, playing simultaneously in New York (Schwartz, 2014). Subsequent came The Baker’s Wife, a show which is why he also created both the lyrics plus the music. This ran on a tryout travel out of town, and closed just before it come to the Broadway stage, nonetheless it was still very successful in the markets exactly where it was presented (Stephen, 2014). The project that was produced from that attained a form of cult position that can be very difficult to replicate with the shows made today, to become so popular that several productions were made coming from it.

One particular was in New Jersey in 2005, and one other in London in 1990. Without even reaching Broadway, that present provided Schwartz with an additional credit maybe he is proud of. Having been onto one more project, nevertheless , which was a musical edition of Functioning, by Buttons Terkel. That debuted about Broadway in 1978, and netted Schwartz the Drama Table Award for optimum director (Suskin, 1992). He had adapted and directed the show, together also drafted four with the songs. It became a television production and part of the American Playhouse series that leaped on PBS. Schwartz was fortunate to also be capable to co-direct the version that was created for television, provided him a TV credit rating that he would not have got otherwise (Stephen Schwartz Biography, 2014).

Schwartz also became a writer around that same time period, which has a children’s book titled The Perfect Peach (Schwartz, 2014). His focus remained at least partially on children during that time. Following your 1977 launch of his book, the early 1980s found him publishing songs for the children’s one-act musical named The Trip. It do well, and was expanded and revised 20 years later on, re-titled Chief Louie (Schwartz, 2014). Once he completed that, he wrote music for three tunes in Personals, which was about off-Broadway revue, and the words to Charles Strouse’s music for another audio production called Rags (Schwartz, 2014).

The early 1990s located Schwartz concentrating on music and lyrics for another musical named Children of Eden, after which his emphasis turned to film. He started a collaboration with another fonder, Alan Menken, and collectively they wrote for Disney’s animated features. The 1st feature they will created music and lyrics for was Pocahontas (Schwartz, 2014). There after, they done The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Then simply Schwartz spent some time dealing with DreamWorks and handled songs for The Prince of Egypt. Music and lyrics were also designed for Geppetto, which was an original audio made for television set and seen on a program called The Wonderful Associated with Disney (Schwartz, 2014).

In June of 2006, there is a level adaptation of the piece, permitted Disney’s My Son Pinocchio: Geppetto’s Musical technology Tale, that premiered in Kansas City, Missouri at The Clique Theater (Stephen, 2014). There was clearly also a type developed in 2009 that was performed for youthful performers, and it started in Stuart, Florida at the Lyric Cinema (Schwartz, 2014). Two-thousand and three observed Schwartz go back to Broadway like a lyricist and composer pertaining to Wicked, which was based on a novel that told the Oz tale from the witches’ point-of-view. The cast recording from Incredible won Schwartz a Grammy Award, and by March of 2006 presently there had been more than 1, 500 performances of the show in Broadway (Schwartz, 2014).

You will discover only several composers to have had 3 shows upon Broadway get back long of any run. Schwartz was a single, and the different three will be Jerry Herman, Andrew Lloyd Webber, and Richard Rodgers (Schwartz, 2014). Schwartz and Jerry Herman both had three shows run for a longer time than one particular, 500 activities, setting these people apart from others who proved helpful as composers and lyricists for takes on and musicals (Schwartz, 2014). Schwartz was at high demand and had been for a long time, and his operate never slowed. There was often a new task to focus on or something more important with which he could get engaged. He would not need to look for any work on all. This individual wrote for a number of popular takes on and musicals, and the persons would often come out to see and notice what amazing things he previously created following.

When Evil was completed with its work, Schwartz was asked to work on something new. He was in such demand that having been frequently wanted by others to produce, direct, or to create music and lyrics achievable productions. A musical referred to as My Fairy tale had been entrusted, and it was designed to enjoy Hans Christian Andersen (Schwartz, 2014). It absolutely was to be displayed on the bicentennial of Andersen’s birthday, and premiered in 2005 in Copenhagen, on the Gladsaxe Movie theater (Schwartz, 2014). The American premiere occurred in the summer of 2011 in California. Scott Schwartz, Stephen’s son, described the music at the PCPA Theatrefest