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• Nick Possum: In the thrall of the monster drug ma?tres It is also evident that a great deal of the govt propaganda concerning those great sacred herbs Cannabis arata and Marijuana sativa is just bullshit. • Alcohol even worse than inspiration on distress new medication list The position of ecstasy near the bottom level of the list was looked after by Prof Nutt, who also said that aside from some tragic isolated situations ecstasy is actually safe.

Inspite of about a third of young people having tried the medicine and about half a million users every weekend, it causes fewer than 12 deaths 12 months. One person a day is wiped out by serious alcohol poisoning and countless numbers more coming from chronic make use of. • Weed Delivery Providers Flourish In NYC • Scientific American: Large Study Finds Simply no Link between Marijuana and Lung Tumor • Nathan Guttman: Israelis at center of ecstasy drug control • Law Enforcement Against Forbidance After nearly four years of encouraging the U. S. coverage of a battle with drugs with over half-a-trillion tax dollars and increasingly punitive guidelines, our restricted population features quadrupled more than a 20 years period making building prisons this kind of nation’s most effective growing industry.

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More than 2 . 2 million of our people are currently incarcerated and every season we criminal arrest an additional 1 ) 6 , 000, 000 for nonviolent drug offenses — more per household than any kind of country in the world. The United States provides 4. 6 percent of the population worldwide but 22. 5 percent from the world’s prisoners. Every year we choose to continue this kind of war will surely cost U. S i9000. taxpayers one other 69 billion dollars dollars.

Inspite of all the lives we have destroyed and all the cash so sick spent, today illicit medicines are cheaper, more potent, and much easier to receive than these people were 35 years back at the beginning of the war on medications. Meanwhile, persons continue declining in our pavements while medicine barons and terrorists always grow richer than ever before. We would suggest that this must be the actual definition of an unsuccessful public insurance plan.

This chaos must end! • Request into drug trial that became a nightmare • Sheryl Jackson-Sczbecki: Marijuana — Through The Haze • Philip Dale Scott: o A global Drug Meta-Group: Drugs, Been able Violence, and the Russian 9/11 o A Ballad of Drugs and 9/11 • 12-15 Ways the Auto Industry Would Change if it Managed Like Medication Companies. Simply say No to medications — from Pfizer, Merck, Roche and the other main drug pushers. • Putrefatta Angell, Meters. D: Real truth the Medicine Companies In 2002 … the put together profits pertaining to the five drug businesses in the Bundle of money 500 ($35.

9 billion) were more than profits for all your other 490 businesses assembled ($33. 7 billion). • Chris Largen’s satirical novel JUNK is usually “a riotous exploration of forbidance. ” • The Narco News Program • Oscar Heck: Chavez Frias not losing much sleep within the USA’s intention of “punish” Venezuela (Also below. ) I really believe that the DEA and other US-based organizations such as USAID, the American Centre for Worldwide Labor Solidarity, the Center pertaining to International Non-public Enterprise, the International His party Institute and the National Democratic Institute for International Affairs are methodologies for the CIA … and that a part of the CIA’s job is to assure that 1) drug export products to the UNITED STATES are not halted 2) that the drug transact is regulated by the US government. • 2005-07-31: Oregon Anti-Meth Bill Targeted at Cold Medications.

The Senate on Saturday approved a plan to make Oregon the initially state inside the nation to require a pharmaceutical for many cool and allergy medicines, an effort by congress to shut down methamphetamine labs. … The legislation could require medications by mid-2006 for medicines containing pseudoephedrine and two similar chemicals, which are used in such well-known medicines because Sudafed, Claritin and Theraflu. • Jeanne Lenzer and Nicholas Pyke: Woman Commits Suicide When Testing New Antidepressant. Was Traci Manley Driven To Suicide By Antidepressants?

That’s A Control Secret, Declare US Officials • Jennifer Moody, Albany Democrat-Herald, 2005-06-21: Retired DEA agent will run pertaining to sheriff Carl F. Worden, Liaison Expert for the Southern Or Militia remarks: Please get this out to any person you know in Linn State Oregon: You’ve got a man running pertaining to Sheriff in Linn State by the name of Michael jordan Spasaro, a former DEA Agent. Don’t choose this guy if you do not want a Sheriff who has zero use intended for the Metabolic rate or the Bill of Privileges. I know of the guy, and i also know a number of the federal medication cases this individual worked on. He is NOT a dude you need as Sheriff.

The Sheriff of a region is the just constitutionally elected official that has the power to curtail unlawful federal actions in a offered county. With his record, you are able to throw the Metabolism right outside if he becomes the Sheriff. • 2005-06-23: Government agents fan out to bust medicinal cannabis providers • America’s War on Cannabis: PostModern Witch Using • You’ve Been Drawn up: Uncle Sam Would like You intended for the Battle with Drugs.

According to ALL OF US Congressman Sensenbrenner’s draconian required minimum sentencing bill: Should you “witness” particular drug crimes taking place or perhaps “learn” that they took place you should have to survey the crime to law enforcement officials within twenty four hours and provide “full assistance” in the investigation, apprehension, and criminal prosecution of the persons involved. Failure to do so is a crime punishable by a mandatory two yr prison phrase. • 2005-05-27: Bali court docket sentences Corby to 20 years in prison Prosecutors had demanded existence in imprisonment for Corby, who has contended the four.

1 kg (9 lb) of drugs found by Bali airport representatives in her unlocked bag last year had been planted. • Sydney Early morning Herald, 2005-05-15: PM leaves [Schapelle] Corby out to dry out: Democrats [Registration essential. ] Party leader Lyn Allison said the Government’s page outlining drug-trafficking allegations amongst Australian air-port baggage handlers should have been sent much earlier. • Nate Blakeslee: The People Left Behind: Elaine Bartlett & Life on the Outside • The Schaffer Library of Drug Plan. Major research of drugs and drug policy, information on the “War on Drugs”, chart and graphs of Medicine War statistics, US govt publications linked to drug coverage, historical analysis on medications and medication policy, the drug legalization debate, plus much more. • 2005-04-20: MS Subjects to Get Cannabis Drug in Canada A cannabis-based remedies formulated by a UK business to help victims of multiple sclerosis has become approved for proper use for the first time — in Canada. • BBC, 2005-04-18: US church’s illegal tea faces bar The Supreme Court should be to consider whether a US branch of a B razil religion can import a great hallucinogenic tea used being a sacrament. • Kerre Woodham, 2005-04-17: Buy-ins high in Corby saga You can’t support but think sympathy for Schapelle Corby, the 27-year-old Australian girl at the center of a medicines trial in Bali.

Definitely she simply cannot have been and so stupid concerning try to smuggle 4kg of marijuana into Bali, wherever it would sell for less than it will on the streets of Australia. • 3rd there�s r. William Davis: The Elkhorn Manifesto … Marijuana Prohibition was created in 1937, to not protect culture from the “evils of the drug Marijuana, ” as the Federal government claimed, but since an act of deliberate economic and industrial sabotage against the re-emerging Industrial Hemp Industry. • Peter Dale Scott: A Post-Election Wrap-Up: Iraq, 9/11, Drugs, Cheney, and Watergate Two • Four Alberta RCMP officials killed during raid 4 RCMP officials were taken and wiped out after conducting a rezzou on a pot grow procedure northwest of Edmonton about Thursday [2005-03-03]. • David Mandsperson, The Guardian, UK: Euphoria trials for combat stress American soldiers traumatised by simply fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan have to be offered the drug inspiration to help free them of flashbacks and recurring nightmares. … A number of studies in the US are designed or are beneath way to review whether MDMA, LSD and psilocybin, the active ingredient in magic mushrooms, can handle conditions ranging from obsessive obsessive disorder to anxiety in terminal cancers patients. • Court enables drug-sniffing puppies during visitors stops The Supreme The courtroom yesterday expanded police capacity to conduct queries, ruling that an officer whom stops a motorist for the routine visitors violation are able to use a drug-sniffing dog to detect drugs in the motor vehicle, even if the officer had no reason to suspect the car would have drugs. The choice, in an The state of illinois case, provides law enforcement the authority to work with drug-detecting pups in the course of virtually any minor traffic stop. • J. Orlin Grabbe: The Function from the Drug Warfare The function of the Drug War is to create the Drug Crisis.

The Medication Crisis requires billions of us dollars in concealed cash flow. Hooked on this movement of money will be law enforcement companies, drug suppliers and vendors, covert companies who make use of it as a method to obtain black money, and political figures and lenders who will be hired to shield the medicine revenues. Addiction to drug profits requires that the drug conflict be battled so as to be lost.

Inability thus becomes the qualifying criterion of success. • UK Guardian, 2004-10-13: MPs again legalisation ‘road map’ MPs, peers and former cops are to again the syndication today from the first ever report outlining a “detailed highway map” to the legalisation of medication in The uk. … Transform’s director, Danny Kushlick, expected that prescription drugs would be made legal in the not-too-distant future mainly because prohibition had been a failure of startling proportions … • Pan Blocks Cancer-causing Herpes. Component responsible for marijuana’s high could possibly be the basis achievable antiviral medicines • Enormous Ecstasy Chest area Do Israelis control most of the world trade in MDMA? • The of the Dangerous Controlled Drugs in Britain — Section 3 of the Fourth Statement of the Shipman Enquiry (2001-2004). • Colin Brown: Opium trade feus in ‘basket-case’ Afghanistan [This] will prove highly awkward for Tony Blair, who cited slicing the supply of heroin among the main reasons to get the attack of Afghanistan in August 2001 … • Doctors’ strike in Israel great for health.

In line with the American Medical Association, side effects to health professional prescribed and otc pharmaceuticals are a leading cause of death and injury in the United States. … As of this writing, there is a doctors strike in Israel. The death charge has gone down so greatly during the affect that the Judio funeral shops and burial associations are complaining. • Glen Yeadon: Ambassador of Death, Right-Wing Death Squads, Drug Smuggling: George Bush’s Plan for Korea • Christopher Largen: A brief history of Medical Marijuana • ‘DRUG’ OR SACRAMENT?

THE RIGHT TO DECIDE About the 1999 authorities raid around the Dutch Santo Daime Chapel. • Medication report barred by FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION — Science tecnistions links antidepressants to suicide in kids It seems that the “war in drugs” will not apply to medicines which are making millions intended for the pharmaceutical companies. • Xymphora: Even more on George and Drugs • Cannabis online: click right now and it’s with you in 24 hours About Thursday [2004-01-29] British medication law underwent its the majority of radical shakeup for decades the moment cannabis was downgraded to class C. Although simple possession is usually unlikely to lead to prosecution in most cases, the drug remains to be illegal and dealing or perhaps possession with intent to supply will hold a maximum 14-year penitentiary sentence. But a Guardian investigation has generated that at least five large-scale on the web cannabis vendors are operating in this country, in competition with more established Dutch sites.

Consequently, the medication has never been very easy to buy on the net. A copy of (almost) the complete Serendipity site is available on CD-ROM. Details here.