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Excerpt from Composition:

letter to individually recommend Ms. ____ being a nursing helper for your firm. ____ is actually a qualified, skilled and a well trained applicant. She has worked well as a Nursing jobs Assistant below my direction in ____ organization to get ____years, during which I found her to be very professional in her discipline and dealing with all issues with calmness and smile onto her face.

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Being a nursing helper her responsibility was to care for the Developmentally Disabled individuals in a home setting by providing comfort and doing following actions of daily living (ADL):

1) to provide personal care activities which included; baths, grooming, dress up, eating, hydrating, toileting and exercising.

2) to prevent infection control by isolating the client attacks through hands washing, cautious handling of contaminated items, isolation methods and revealing the environmental conditions that might pass on infection.

3) to ambulate clients that include; to lift, move and transport citizens from one position to another and from one center to another.

4) to maintain or regain the normal range of motion and body power and assisting patients to do physical exercises to be able to maintain the musculoskeletal function and general health.


I possess supervised a large number of assistants yet I must admit ____ is not an common person nevertheless is very fully developed and properly professional. I possess never read any complaints regarding her attitude and behaviour via any patient or staff member. Indeed I have always observed her talking nicely with all staff members and obeying aged people. She has very good understanding using team members due to her ability to listen to other folks and appreciate their point-of-view. I have never seen her quarrelling with any employee or doing anything which creates trouble for me.


____ is a very hardworking and dedicated health professional who is very honest with her task and requires special care of the patients. She not simply performs her duties although also perform extra work by taking care of the diet and cleanliness of the patients. She has ability to deal with patients and motivate them to eat healthy diet and take required drugs. She seriously performs almost all her tasks and usually takes the responsibility of her jobs. Her quiet personality assists her to tolerate the irritating frame of mind of sufferers and form their attitude by giving them love and affection. As an example, if a sufferer does not want to take medicine and shout by her, she will keep tolerating and encouraging him sweetly in compassion, which in the end forces the sufferer to listen to her and have medicine.


Managing diversity at health care places is a challenge since distinct patients have different values and perspectives relating to different parameters like life-style, gender, era, handicaps, traditions and sexual preference. However , I have observed that ____ knows very well how to meet up with this concern. I have found that your woman handles different patients in different ways due to their personal preferences, culture or perhaps religion.

For instance , once I noticed that two old ladies belonging to several cultures were discussing the device of partying a certain event. They the two got excitable while talking about it and could have injured each other if perhaps ____ probably would not have ceased them for the right time. The girl listened to they are all and cooled off them by accepting that they can both were right at their particular place. Yet , she told me later that she wanted to take part of one female which belonged to her own community and was sharing with the right way of celebrating the event but at the same time she also recalled well that her responsibility is to manage all sufferers equally but not to receive herself fastened by creating diversity one of them.

____ can deal with all types of populations that contain different age ranges and are part of different