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The scope in the report was based on the annual studies & site, input via interviews of executives with the SQUARE Drugs Limited.

To assess the situation under consideration, we labored on focusing on SQ Pharmaceuticals Limited and inspecting their targets, market tactics, market conditions, product mixes, etc . The analysis was based on the exposed and available data only. In-depth data are not always available on-demand because of some not available reasons. SWOT analysis with the company continues to be done.

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Target of the study: The specific aims aimed with this report is to analyze environmentally friendly factors that influence the marketing sector of RECTANGULAR Pharmaceuticals Limited.

Methodology: Information used to make this record has been collected from both primary and secondary sources which jointly provided even more comprehensive details.

Collection of your data: An open discussion method was followed to gather primary info by in private interviewing the many executives with the company. Participants were actively selected because they commonly involved in marketing directly or indirectly.

Findings were also accustomed to collect main data while working in different desks. The secondary info was gathered from two sources- a. internal and b. external. The former options were twelve-monthly reports, magazines, articles and brochures printed by the firm. So in later all of us use publications, research papers and content articles from different online options.

Limitations in the Study: This report suffered with several limitations: ¢ The main of them was “time constraint. Time was certainly not adequate to complete the analysis more perfectly. ¢ Another important limit was “inaccessibility in many section of the organization. We confronted difficulties in getting appointment from the desired respondents as well as appropriate response from your selected respondents due to becoming confidential to get the company. ¢ This statement also suffered with inadequate extra information. ¢ This report’s factual accuracy may be compromised due to out-of-date information. ¢ The results may not be generalized to the SPL as a whole.

About SQUARE pharmaceuticals Ltd:

SQ . Pharmaceuticals Limited is the major pharmaceutical Company in Bangladesh and is leading the Drugs sector through the very beginning. It is continuously in the 1st position among all national and international companies seeing that 1985. It had been established in 1958 and converted into a public limited organization in 1991. The sales turnover of RECTANGULAR Pharmaceuticals Limited was much more than Taka several. 5 Billion (US$ 107. 91 million) with about 16. 92%market share (April 2006″ Mar 2007) creating a growth price of about 3. 17%. SQ Pharmaceuticals Limited is an organization with equal emphasis on Command, Technology, Top quality and Passion.

RECTANGULAR Pharmaceuticals Limited. is the leading brand generic pharmaceutical drug manufacturer in Bangladesh creating essential and also other ethical prescription drugs and medicines by maintaining the coffee quality. SQUARE today symbolizes a name ” a state of mind. But its journey towards the growth and prosperity has been no understructure of tulips. From the beginning in 1958, it has today burgeoned into one of the best line conglomerates in Bangladesh.

SQUARE Pharmaceuticals Ltd., the flagship firm, is having the solid leadership position in the pharmaceutical drug industry of Bangladesh seeing that 1985and is now on its way to becoming a high performance global gamer. SQUARE Pharmaceutical drugs started being a Partnership Company in 1958. It converted into a Private Limited Company in 1964. The company made it is initial value offering in 1995. It has achieved MHRA certificate because the initially pharmaceutical firm of Bangladesh.

Environmental factors influencing the marketing activities of RECTANGULAR pharmaceuticals Ltd:

Environmental elements and causes that exist within our outside advertising affect marketing management’s capacity to build as well as successful romantic relationship with concentrate on customers. And successful companies like “SQUARE pharmaceuticals Ltd know the essential importance of continuously watching and adapting towards the changing environment.

Microenvironment of SQUARE pharmaceutical drugs Ltd:

TheCompany: In designing marketing ideas marketing administration takes additional company teams into account-groups such as leading management, financing, research and development, getting, operations and accounting. SQUARE strives for best compensation to all or any the employees who have constitute the back-bone from the management and operational strength of the firm through a pay-package composing salary/wages, allowances, bonus deals, profit involvement, leave wage and superannuation & old age benefits.

Suppliers: Suppliers like as- distinct in regents of making drugs products, presentation related products and others. They supply the resources needed by the organization to produce it is goods and services. Supplier’s problem can seriously affect advertising. SQUARE aims for the best co-operation of suppliers who offer them at the best prices at the opportune moments.

Marketing Intermediaries: Promoting intermediaries involves resellers, physical distribution companies, marketing providers agencies and financial intermediaries. SQUARE pharmaceuticals Ltd do not have physical division firms or marketing solutions. But they motivated by reseller and monetary intermediaries to market their services and goods.

Customers: The five types of buyer markets happen to be consumer, business, reseller, govt and intercontinental market. Rectangular strives, for top level quality medical products at the very least cost reaching the lowest rungs of the financial class of individuals in the country. Sq values our social requirements. SQUARE pharmaceuticals Ltd have enough capturing power in all the buyer markets. That is why they are in leading position in pharmaceuticals business in Bangladesh.

Competitors: The marketing concept states that to achieve success, a company need to provide higher customers worth and satisfaction than their competitors perform. A group of medical pharmaceutical authorities who consistently conduct study & expansion programs pertaining to improving quality of products, reduction of price, adaptation of goods that are totally free of intellectual real estate rights and innovative goods. These efforts have allowed the company to add new products to its product lines every year towards the benefit of the common men from the country and the shareholders. The success in this field features secured the leading position to get the company in the pharmaceutical sector.

Publics: Any group has an actual or perhaps potential affinity for or impact on an organizational ability to achieve its aims. They are economic, media, federal government, citizen actions, local, standard and inside publics. RECTANGULAR strives for best compensation to any or all the employees who also constitute the back-bone with the management and operational strength of the company through a pay-package composing salary/wages, allowances, bonus deals, profit participation, leave earnings and superannuation & pension benefits.

Square strives pertaining to practicing good-governance in every world of actions covering inter alia not being limited to, disclosure & confirming to shareholders, holding AGM in time, division of returns and other rewards to investors, reporting/dissemination of price sensitive information, acquisition of shares simply by insiders, recruitment & promo of staff, procurement & supplies, sale of assets and so forth all that straight and indirectly affect the curiosity of concerned groups ” the shareholders, the credit card companies, suppliers, workers, government and the public in general.

Macro environment of SQUARE pharmaceuticals Ltd:

Market environment: Population analysis is the research of individual, populations regarding age, thickness, location, sexuality, race, profession and other. SQUARE pharmaceuticals Limited is the leader of drugs business in our country. So they the countries total population and gradually they may be capturing the international industry. Square aims for equal rights between genders, races, religions and parts in all spheres of our operation without any discriminatory treatment.

Economic environment: This environment consists of investing pattern, spending power, cash flow, saving habits of a group and this environment can talked about in 2 different ways ” (1) Subsistence and (2) Commercial economics. Rectangular owes their particular shareholders and strive for safeguard of their capital as well as assure highest go back and regarding their assets. SQUARE pharmaceutical is definitely influenced by economic environment of the country immediately. Economic circumstances influence the growth and continuation of their entire business functions.

Natural environment: Online marketers take normal resources since input. Factors of online marketers in case of their particular awareness about natural solutions are (1) Shortage in supply of recycleables (2) Increased population (3) Government affluence, SQUARE pharmaceuticals Ltd develop and redirects their item by their individual. So they can be aware of over and concerns for their betterment. Square aims for a setting free from air pollution and poisoning.

Technological environment: Incase of capture the following and will need markets, entrepreneurs should consider the important points and they are (1) Accelerating speed of technical change, (2) New marketplaces and possibilities, (3) Innovational oppurtunities. The international marketplace become more competitive due to globalization. So technical environment and it’s considering factors are a matter of concern of importer and their advertising. SQUARE drugs Ltd is usually endeavoring to upgrade and adopt new-technology in creation, quality control, distribution and administration of its products to patients. During the year (2007-2008) the company invested some Tk. 36, 424, 234 in bettering its Laboratory.

Political environment: The considerations of political environment are- (1) Laws regulation of business, (2) Changing government organization enforcement, (3) Increased emphasis on ethics and society, (4) Political condition. The personal condition of the country is usually not so steady. So SQ pharmaceuticals Limited faced a large number of damage because of change in politics condition of our country. Square strives for fulfillment the obligation to the authorities through repayment of whole range of due taxes, tasks and statements by various public companies like cities etc .

Ethnic environment: Incase of ethnic environment, a firm should consider following concerns (1) People views of themselves, (2) People sights of society, (3) Persons views of organization (4) People sights of characteristics, (5) Persons views of universe. Square strives intended for the accomplishment of centuries development desired goals for a persons civilization. Sq . strives for an environment totally free of pollution and poisoning. Rectangular strives, as responsible resident, for a interpersonal order devoid of malpractices, anti-environmental behaviors, dishonest and wrong activities and corruptive transactions.