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Based on the previous study, the computer has additionally disadvantages besides the fact that it gives you the students information’s and other features. In that analysis they conclude many pupils spent more hours playing rather than researching and doing additional academic performs. This is cause computer habit. From these types of students, big percentage of these is man. This implies that male students are more prone to be affected by computer system disadvantages. The research goal is always to inform the scholars about what computer system can really carry out to them, how can it affects all of them and what it is that affects them.

The experts proved the fact that research produced is really accurate and exact because they are also once addicted in applying these so called computers (Justin Vista, Hienson Tan and Bryan Yaranon, 2009). Foreign Studies It is said in this article that computer currently has become a significant household item. There are tools like punctuational and grammar checker, synonym replacement tool and dictionary installed in the computer that is helpful for students in doing their assignments and researches.

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Thus, it can takes a fraction of the time to make crafted documents and no need to open the dictionary book to look for the meaning of words.

Inputting is much more quickly than composing on paper. When there is a need of reorganizing the sentence and paragraphs, you can cut and paste and make required changes. Therefore, overall some type of computer allows the user to create documents, edit, and print and store all of them so that they can end up being retrieved later. Using pc, a user remain connected to the community through net. The internet allows people from around the world to share knowledge, suggestions, and encounter in any field. Another program you can find in the internet is the email. This is a procedure for communication applied globally and it is provided with a system of creating, storing, and forwarding mails.

It may well consist of text messages with attachments of sound and aesthetic clips. An individual can also down load and publish files online. There are also features like online chatting accessible in the internet. Additionally , it can examine current reports, check weather conditions, conduct transactions, and learn about specific countries and their culture, seek careers, buy products by way of internet. Also, it is said that pc nowadays, are widely used for education and training functions. In educational institutions, computer education has been manufactured compulsory to pay awareness regarding computer.

Therefore computer become a learning device for children. Computer systems are also used pertaining to training purposes. Many companies rely on them to train their staffs (Judy M Parr, Irene Fung, November 2000). Another content say that there are many benefits that computer provides to a learners. The following are the benefits computer supplies: A. Students gain expression processing abilities when finding out how to write using the pc. B. Focusing on computers fosters collaboration between students and between pupil and teacher. C. Often leaders come up who enjoy computers and may help others. D. Computer system time promotes problem solving expertise.