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Have you ever wanted to consume great meals like what you will get at any kind of fancy shmancy downtown restaurant, but just didnt feel as if getting almost all dressed up? Until now have seniors family members whom arent able to prepare adding nourishment to meals on their own? Or sometimes do you simply want to sit throughout the house and watch a show while experiencing an expertly prepared meals with out the need to wash a single dish! These are generally the queries we asked thousands of people nationwide and an astounding 88% of these said Certainly, and we will be here to appease them all with the opening of our Fast Food chain.

The proposed remedy is a simple, yet effective one. Our organization appropriately dubbed Fast Food will revolutionize the foodstuff delivery industry, and heres how functions. First, the consumer calls our 1-800 quantity, and is immediately routed to the appropriate neighborhood dispatch center. Once connected, their visa or mastercard information can be taken, and so they place an order with a live waiter/operator or operwaiter, as we prefer to call these people.

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Choices may be made from the full menu of any one of the many fine establishments that participate in each of our program (i. e. Applebees, T. G. I. Fridays, El Mariachi, Maisonette, Algunos, Hooters, Longhorn Steak Home, Chilis, Reddish colored Lobster, in order to name a few).

Then, occasions after the contact is completed, the dispatch middle relays the message for the appropriate restaurant. Within forty five minutes, the meal is delivered simply by one of our fast, friendly, and respectful drivers.

We will go to great extent, and have great pride in knowing that the meals turn up to the customer clean, hot, complete, and with any each necessary condiment or appliance, just like if you were to eat with the restaurant. Every without the soreness of making reservations, waiting in line or leaving the comfort of your own home. As well as the best part is the fact you dont have to idea the waitress.

Since we will be dealing entirely with superior restaurants, which in turn we will be dealing with on a daily basis, we have volume savings.

These types of discounts happen to be what enable us to keep our rates low, charging you only the values listed on the menu plus a nominal delivery assistance charge based upon the amount of foodstuff ordered. (See chart beneath for delivery charges) If you consider this, this is actually less expensive than if you were to go to the cafe yourself. One saves gas funds, you dont have to drive about for hours looking for a parking area, youll not have to ponder how quickly the valet is driving your brand new Corvette, and you dont have to cope with all of the rude people commonly found at these kinds of establishments. As well, think about the additional time you will get to invest with your relatives, or soothing on the settee.

All requests less than $30. 00.

$7. 00

50 dollars. 00. $12. 00

$70. 00.

$17. 00

$90. 00. $22. 00

$110. 00$25.


All purchases greater than$150. 00…. $30.


The company will be able to offer many catering extras by little to no expense to the customer. Our staff of specialist meal designers, will strategy, arrange, make and put together the best possible wedding dinner to for you plus your guests. Every aspect of the meal is usually scrutinized, and tested. Wine, appetizers, salads, main training course, dessert and coffees are all selected never to only display exceptional preference, but likewise taste outstanding together. Everybody and their stomachs will both become more than delighted to hear that your reception dinner is going to be catered by some of the most posh and ritzy restaurants in the metropolis.

For aviators we will offer you delivery to any or all local airfields, large or small , because we know that standard vending machine food merely doesnt cut it when youve been traveling for 9 hours, and still have five to go.

You can even the airwaves your purchase in in advance so the there looking forward to you once you hop away of your plane!

For businesses we will offer special frequent buyer rates and volume discounts and buffet style service if you want to feed the whole office. You now wont need to argue about whos going to pick up the order, and better yet you get to spend associated with.