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Theology: Revelation and Steve

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Revelation and John: Theology

A lot of debate and controversy surrounds the proper meaning of the Publication of Revelation. There are 4 main interpretations of the apocalyptic work, together with the four differing on the issue of whether the actions of the doj in Thought have already been happy, and whether or not the symbols correspond with any historical events (Pate, 2009). We discuss 3 of these interpretations:

The Idealist View

the book of Revelation will not relate to any historical occasions; it simply symbolizes the continuing struggle among evil and good (Kreider, 2004)

Emblems not associated with specific situations, but point out themes inside the history of the church – the battles represent the spiritual combat manifested in wars as well as the persecution of Christians; the catastrophes signify God’s displeasure with mans sinful characteristics and a manifestation of how God comes forth victorious in the end; the trumpets represent natural disasters occurring as God works out His plan for mankind; and the beast from the sea represents politics opposition for the church through history

The Preterits View

The prophecies found in Thought were satisfied with the fall season of Jerusalem in the first century; we could now surviving in a new earth (Kreider, 2004)

Two cases are used to support this look at – first, Josephus’ record of the land of Jerusalem appears to meet the symbolism presented in the Book of Revelation. Secondly, Jesus’ words by the end of the Olivet Discourse, “These generations will not pass away right up until all these issues have taken place” (Matt twenty four: 34) in shape the date of the land of Jerusalem – a generation identifies 40 years, late Jerusalem happened within this expected period.

The Futuristic Watch

The events prophesied in the book of Revelation will certainly occur at some point in the future (Kreider, 2005; Pate, 2009)

The main debate used to support this view is that the condition of the eight churches because described simply by John in Revelation does not seem to describe a first-generation church; Laodicea, for instance, is usually described as staying wealthy and rich – first era churches, inside their conditions, wasn’t able to be described as such. Hence, the eight churches identify second-generation church buildings, implying the fact that prophesies are not fulfilled inside the first technology as claimed by preterits.

Part Two: Case Study

Case Study

John Piper is the lead pastor on the Minneapolis Christian Center, a Reformed Protestantism ministry in the State of Minnesota. This individual has always strived to nurture his Christians inside the ways of Protestantism, maintaining a strong position on a variety of issues including coition, marriage, and divorce. Cases of friends and family violence and disruptions possess, however , recently been rampant in recent months, prompting the church panel to request Mark Thompson, a guest presenter, professional chaplain, motivational loudspeaker, and distinguished marriage counselor to address the congregation during a weekend obstacle. Church people were expected to attend the event with their husband and wife. The local clergy were not to go to as it was thought that their occurrence would hinder members’ capacity to participate in the session openly.

Mr. Thompson’s view regarding divorce and adultery, however , differed considerably from that placed by the Protestant faith. This individual suggested that under no circumstances does God permit divorce. In his view, this Testament describes cases such as that of Hagar, where there were concubines involved; yet generally there