Reverse total security presents unlimited safety

Published: 03.03.2020 | Words: 469 | Views: 146
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Have you any idea, there is a risk of infection of about 1 mil viruses without antivirus laptop? Attaching pen drives or other UNIVERSAL SERIAL BUS drives with mobiles, or perhaps attacking email attachments and downloading application they assault. Along with the supply to the hacker, the virus can change or perhaps delete the file whenever you want, the data file or the required information on the device.

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The best way to prevent these scenarios and risk is to use an antivirus software. Multiple tests prove that the overall security of Rivs total security will be able to provide optimum security. Simultaneously, uninterrupted backup services happen to be giving a rebound to address any kind of unexpected circumstance. Therefore , in order to avoid any malware or damaging programs and choose for secure digital your life, the most effective change antivirus

Exceptional Features of Revolution. Antivirus

We know the significance of your money and time. For that reason, you can get more fast check, the most contemporary PC tune-up service using device screens and emails from anywhere in and away from home, as well as safeguarding multiple devices in the make use of Rivo Antivirus. Therefore , to prevent any computer virus or dangerous programs and choose for secure digital your life, the most effective reverse antivirus

Fastest scanning

Multiple reliability tests with the IT protection industry prove that the rebound antivirus rich in Turbo Check technology, combined with the fastest checking, ensures the accuracy of identifying and removing all kinds of viruses and harmful applications.

Web Security and anti-phishing

Whilst keeping an eye on you device while online, Rivo Antiviruss advanced web reliability and anti-phishing technology provides complete protection for users from all kinds of scams and phishing.

Safe Inbox

The main aim of the online hackers is to get personal information and files with attachments, but with anti-phishing plus the use of Clever spam-associated Rivo Antivirus, the email box is completely safe and spam-free.

Successful PC tune-up

Duplicate finder contains a retrieve malware to increase the memory of files as well as folders in multiple places. Also, its unique file shredder helps to remove any gunk and undesirable information once and for all.

Software options transfer

With the help of Add some opuch Antivirus import and export settings, the program settings attached to a device could be transferred to an additional device, hence the same plan does not need to be reset to a different device.

Constant surveillance

With the help of increased antirepires, advanced parental control, all products can be watched from anywhere. As a result, the child is able to monitor what is happening on the Internet ahead and the control and supervision from the range.