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To create his art, Very long walks numerous miles for the and weeks at a time, generally through uncultivated areas, from the countryside of England, Ireland in europe, and Scotland, to the mountain range of Nepal and The japanese, and the plains of Africa, Mexico, and Bolivia (Spector pp).

Lengthy documents his journeys with photographs, roadmaps and prospect lists of detailed terms which are exhibited because individual performs (Spector pp). Unlike other artists who manipulate the landscape to produce Earthworks, Lengthy does not get a new terrain simply by digging or perhaps constructing, this individual simply changes the placement of rocks and wood to subtly demarcate geometric shapes (Spector pp).

Long’s 80 “Red Record Circle, inches is 336 inches in diameter and consists of 474 stones via a New York quarry, then when it is installed in the Guggeheim’s rotunda, “the monumental engagement ring echoes the building’s exceptional spiral while conjuring pictures of great canyons, even now lakes, and stone paths leading into the distance” (Spector pp).

Long’s 1987 “Vermont Georgia South Carolina Wyoming Ring, ” 291 inches in diameter, contains white, reddish, grey, and green pebbles (Vermont pp). He uses color because an time period stop (Hackett pp). “Slate Atlantic, inch 2002, is definitely 10 Back button 5 meters, is constructed with slate within a half-moon form on a green field (New pp). His 2005, “Untitled (1): almost eight Fingerprints on Black, ” is 31/2 inches substantial and 12 inches in diameter, and consists of 8-10 fingerprints from the River Avon mud on the tree trunk area (New pp). “Tame Buzzard Line, inches 2001, is known as a 75 X 3515 cms. Line produced from flint around a green meadow with a solitary tree at the conclusion of the statue (New pp).

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