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Robert E. Lee was a Confederate General inside the American Municipal War. Having been born January 19, 1807 in Stratford, Westmoreland Region, Virginia. Having been the most youthful son in the Revolutionary Warfare hero general Henry Shelter, who was also known as “Light-Horse Harry Lee”. He married Jane; daughter of G. Watts.

P. Custis, the adopted son of Washington. My personal Thesis is that Robert E. Lee was obviously a great general in the Detrimental War. He proved having been great even though his assets usually were not.

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In 1825 he moved into West Point Academy. Every time a cadet a West Point broke any kind of rule they received a merit, this individual received non-e. In his last year at West Point he was the highest official in his school. He graduated second in his class behind Charles Mason. He was 22 years old in addition to a 2nd Lieutenant in the Army.

He was presented a commission rate in the U. S. Industrial engineer Corps after graduation. In 1836 he became first Lieutenant, and in 1838 Captain. This ranking allowed him to take part in the Mexican Warfare, where many times he frequently won distinction for prize and bravery.

During the war he received merits of major pertaining to Cerro Gordo, lieut. -colonel for Contreras-Churubusco, and colonel for Chapultepec. Right before the Civil Battle began having been offered to end up being commander of the field military that was about to invade the southern claims. He would not like the notion of recession, but felt obliged to his state with once produced a major-general in the Va forces.

When General Johnston was injured at the Reasonable Oaks (Seven Pines). Lee was then assigned to command the Army of Northern Virginia for the place that the next 3 years he was considered to “carry the rebellion on its bayonets. ” In one of his first significant battles as general that he did not win was your battle of Antietam. The battle was basically in regards to small riv with a few little stone connections above this. “The struggle was indecisive and sanguinary for both sides. ” “Though neither area won, Shelter was given a loss inside the Press. ” At the end from the year Lee won a major battle at Fredericksburg.

In 1864 Shelter had many major fights with Ulysses S. Give, where he was mostly successful. The fight at Petersburg was incredibly successful until his forces were slowly and gradually worn down and down. Lee’s army went westward to flee but was run-down by Funds Calvary and his main armies close behind. Lee stated he would “fight it out about that series if it had taken all hat summer, ” but it was soon realized that it was unattainable which was why they leaped.

On 04 9th Lee surrendered in Appomattox Courtroom House, where the career with the Army of Northern Virginia ended. Shelter said that in the event he had been successful before giving up he would took refuge inside the Virginia Mountains and “carry on the warfare for 20 years or much longer. ” The North experienced much better methods than the South did. They had nearly all of the advantages.

One thing they’d was a greater population that could fight and also free dark-colored men, as the south contested over whether or not they should be able to deal with until the warfare was more than. The North also had an established govt that was over a hundred years old even though the South started out with 1 only a few weeks old. One major aspect that the North had was the boom from the Industrial Revolution and lots more money. The only benefit the south had was Robert At the.

Lee. “General Lee thought that Negroe males should be hired to guard the Confederacy. He said they should be rewarded freedom for them and their families, and be paid out. He as well said that they should be welcomed since free men in the south after struggling in the war. In conclusion, Robert E. Shelter worked hard to be advertised in the Army.

He also did very great inside the Civil Warfare. He received many challenges while the Union had significantly better resources. Ulysses S. Grant was a main enemy of him inside the War. This individual won a high place of esteem among the finest generals in history.

He likewise thought slaves would have recently been good soldiers in the battle, which could’ve helped the south earn. My Thesis is that Robert E. Shelter was a wonderful general in the Civil Warfare. He demonstrated he was wonderful even though his resources usually were not.