Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory’s sweet success Essay

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The major competing nice producers Rugged Mountain Delicious chocolate Factory and Hershey’s firm have different business strategies, which give them specific status in the market of the USA. RMCF is involved in its views and long-term goals to make the company even more profitable and successful inside the sphere of chocolate organization. Hershey’s business deals with the short-term targets and tries to obtain earnings in an abridged period of time. The company strategy of profit-making Rocky Mountain Chocolates Factory has got the competitive benefits over successful Hershey’s company in business governance, company structure and confection division in the USA.

The first big difference between the companies is that the company governance of RMCF is structured more proficiently than Hershey’s. Corporate governance of RMCF consists of directors who have similar rights. RMCF administers it is main guidelines with 3 to eight directors (Wheelen and Hunger, 2012, p263).

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Despite the main principals, the specific board of directors functions as a head of the entire organization and it is able to decide directors alone. This condition may motivate the directors, thus they try to accomplish all their part of organization as appropriate as possible. Shareholders have a right to political election in every year meetings and they can come with an influence around the election from the potential directors by giving the additional number of ballots (Wheelen and Hunger, 2012, p264). In consequence, the shareholders who have invested money in to the company can be confident in the liability in the people to which they give the chance to control the business enterprise.

Unlike RMCF the Hershey’s company features different types of directors who have their special tasks in doing the business. The governance with the company involves three types of company directors, namely impartial, informed and engaged, also a board of directors, which in turn perform numerous functions in management. Such a bureaucratic structure makes the decision-making process more complex and creates difficulties with the general performance with the company. Table members of the company can easily intervene in to the tasks from the workers and in addition they can hire new employees without any constraints (The Hershey Company, 2013).

This action may well disrupt personnel from operate and administrators can include another option that will not be considered due to their limited liability. Corporate governance of Hershey’s company does not include the engagement of investors in planning managers for the company, so the shareholders are not aware of the financial environment of the company. Thus, the actual number of administrators and the position of the Panel of directors make the RMCF’s governance organized in a beneficial form, while Hershey’s faces several difficulties with it. The other privilege of RMCF can be an adept and profit-seeking organizational structure.

RMCF has its shops and franchises that happen to be situated in the regional malls, tourist-oriented full areas, snowboard resort, specialized retail centers, airports, community centers, and factory outlet malls (Harrison, 2003, p240). This location of the chocolate outlets creates positive selling chances by bringing in customers and promoting the product as well. According to the Success Magazine, in 1995-96 the Rugged Mountain is at the seventh position of the 100 top franchisers (cited in Harrison, 2013, p420). Spreading its name recognition through company-owned shops and franchisers, RMCF got gained such a high cause determining it is market push and competitive advantage on the majority of corporations working in a similar field.

Crail (1996) says ‘We find the location, negotiate the lease, design your local store, coordinate the build-out, take the franchise here for training, mail a distinct manager to the retail outlet opening, and possess ongoing field support and regional and national convention’ (cited in Harrison, the year 2003, p420). Taking into account all the aspects of organizing the structure of the whole business helps RMCF achieve success with no inadvertences. For instance , the total earnings of the business in 95 was 13, 616, 134 USD and up to 1998, it had an enormous increase displaying 23, 763, 82 UNITED STATES DOLLAR (Harrison, the year 2003, pp. 423-424).

In contrast to RMCF’s organizational structure, Hershey’s company decided to contact form special industrial groups to be able to obtain the significant part of the business (New Organizational Structure to Leverage U. S. Level and Accelerate Global Progress, 2005). We were holding aimed to spread the generating companies all around the world. Hershey’s has its advertising premises in 50 countries of the world (Keidel et al., 2010).

The business was not worried in the thorough organization of its composition; that is why it had to fund their company far away too. To summarize, RMCF determines its franchises around the USA and boosts the sales by allocating retailers in the spots with target audience while Hershey’s fail in organizing the proper structure, subsequently the company must move into the market of foreign countries. The 3rd quality which makes the business technique of RMCF more useful rather than Hershey’s is merchandise distribution. RMCF delivers its products through deliveries to division outlets in the premise of producing Durango, Colorado.

Franchisees are generally not provided with the immense space to hold the products, so that they ask the company to give these people the volumes that they are capable to sell during 14 to 28 days (Wheelen and Hunger, 2012, l. 26-10). Through this strategy, RMCF chocolate could be a reliable item in terms of freshness. ‘RMCF believed that it should certainly control the manufacturing of its own goods in order to better maintain its large product top quality standards, offer unique exclusive products, manage costs, control production and shipment activities, and go after new or underutilized circulation channels’ (Wheelen and Being hungry, 2012, l. 26-10).

As well, the Hershey’s company distributes its products through “grocery stores, mass merchandisers and drug stores and functions being a single entity”. More than the half of total sales is received from “merchandisers” and “supermarkets” (Keidel, ou al., 2010). In case the Hershey’s includes a delayed delivery; it needs to pay fine for the customers who will not really promote Hershey’s products, thus losses in sales and credibility will probably occur (Zsidisin, 2006).

Hershey’s company confronts losses of capital in the period of division process; the borders of the time that the delivery of the goods should last are not obviously stated. Which can be harmful intended for the customers since the delicious chocolate products will probably spoil through time. Choosing all the aspects into account, RMCF is dominating in distribution simply by saving the quality of chocolates, while Hershey’s firm is not able to guard freshness without decreasing the budget of the Firm in its business strategy. To conclude, Rocky Hill Chocolate Manufacturing plant has more fruitful venture planning than Hershey’s company in controlling specialist, confirmation system and product distribution.

Controlling authorities in the RMCF have equal opportunities and reliabilities in business, whilst Hershey’s organization is controlled mostly with a board of directors who are able to set the guidelines and seek the services of the new workers without talking about with other company directors. Conformation system of the companies differs from each other by allocating the stores and establishing the retailers. RMCF propagates its products to the places where many people should buy them; in contrast, Hershey’s organization delivers its products to particular stores.

Since RMCF can be worried about future goals, it achieves profitable results, so Hershey’s organization should also give full attention to its remote future aims.