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Sagoon, the social networking from Nepal is produced these days in as program in New Delhi, India. Actor Shraddha Kapoor became present as being a special customer in the software. They name it a revolution coming from south Asia and the Android app is now available in 220 countries. Sagoon is a unfastened social media software that encourages you create a worthwhile lifestyles via the revolutionary social direction: join. amount. Earn. With exceptional features like My day, story sharing, disposition communicate and greater, they declare Sagoon app by south Asia will operate the way we all use Social media.

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Sagoon App having base in 3 international locations, Nepal, India and ALL OF US, have already got the interest of Nepali communities throughout the industry. But they are yet to built this to be a extra global function full social networking than confined simply to Nepal or India or Southern Asia. Showing some of the information and the expansion, one of the owner mentions that to be amazing supply of creativity and it will solve worldwide trouble by way of growing more activity.

They have got already advertised the corporation and requested people to make purchases for this trend. As explained in the computer software, they may be as well providing justness percentage to all or any of their personnel even to driver and Kitchen son. they’ve asked the net connected communities just like eleven million Nepalese and 340 mil Indians to apply the app, feedback with pointers to assist them boost.

Functions of Sagoon Software:

The free social media app shall be had to acquire from the Google android play store. Sagoon is known as a multi-software system available on Android os smartphones, can be used the use of connection from 4G/3G/area or wi fi.

Sagoon now features a comprehensive selection of goods (apps) ” MyDay, story sharing and MoodTalk ” each merchandise has some exceptional capabilities and a distinct patron presentation technique, the reason of every utility is to bolster genuine connections and become productive. here are a number of the features of Sagoon App in element.


It’s miles the speediest way to develop and percentage schedules, create to-do email lists and set simple guidelines. It not only simplifies your each day professional and private lives, on the other hand also increases productivity into a extraordinary volume level.

The usage of this device can mirror every day by time activities together with your loved ones that provides you a peace of thoughts and saves time as properly.

Account Sharing

Sagoon’s adventure sharing is usually an figures, revel in, confession or frequency that you’ve suggests disclosed publicly in phrases. but , in the event disclosed, it may make human beings analyze a specific program big. This makes use of the notion of constructing a obvious society and enhancing the great of a personal your life. Sharing a story would possibly turn into a bonding agent and a present to others.

You are allowed to use 230 characters or more to three pix to publish a tale. As a buyer, you may post your story (photos and video) below the “Open” category, permitting all your contacts to view, like, dislike or feel upon this. even as publishing you could tend to hide your identification. you could additionally send one-on-one account messages with a purpose to fade after they’re read.

The maximum interesting and one of a kind factor of sharing a story is “tracking” this means that you might see the quantity and the brands of spots your tale has traveled to.

Amount secrets

Secrets and techniques that you are covering or absolutely not disclosed may perhaps be a life changing figures to others. proportion it and make several customers extra informed and learned.


MoodTalk is a simple speaking device which in turn shall we all your mood the actual speakme. You sincerely switch your mood pleased, sad, ill, etc to specific everything you feel. As with actual presence where we do will no longer document everything we claim, in MoodTalk your shows also vanish robotically following 24 hours.

  • apart from above features, Sagoon lets your build a “Me page” to your profile. It consists of a mix of personal and expert facts assisting you network with other primarily based on your shared pastimes and needs. you could place a profile photo, description, place and hobby to explain you. it is much like various other social media programs.
  • you may additionally experience Sagoon on the internet each in computing unit and cellular from the web browsers. this is certainly one of many approaching feature of the Social networking.
  • they could be also offering unique identity to each individuals to combine the telephone selection and e mail to synchronize. they will use the identification to share their revenue with the future social smart card.
  • likewise, you can percentage your conventions, to-do list, and reminders, prepare your associates into kinds of family, friend and co-employee, percentage the Me site for procedure findings.

Upcoming functions of Sagoon App

Sagoon app is now simplest available in Google android however in addition they want to achieve be got in iOS. it would additionally be pleasant for all of the huge screen computers or laptop computers to apply the app in net. they will even consist of some other platform for payment, integrating it to the social networking.

In the ultimate submit, we’ve directed a gap in the Nepalese THIS area for any immediate messaging or OTT app. Sagoon is certainly not surely a OTT app. however if we take this more generally, it could come up as OTT like the manner facebook performed. Can it fill the distance for a very very own Nepalese Social websites or instant messaging? OR it will probably be capable of develop on its own to be an OTT perfectly? The answer for the questions might be how individuals discover the iphone app and get used to it.