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Published: 10.04.2020 | Words: 670 | Views: 623
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Excerpt from Term Paper:

By doing this, everybody wins; these authors make an excellent discovery in delivering this material to the reader/student.

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Analyze of “Stars in the Making”

For all of the attributes of Harris’ document, there are some good critiques which can be made of the content from a lot of points-of-view. With this thought, these reviews are offered less a means of saying that Harris’ article is usually not well crafted from a lot of points-of-view, but rather that there are some improvements which can be made to the content from a strictly aim perspective.

To start, while it might seem like nitpicking, the article starts with a statement to the result that sales agents need handholding. While the spirit of this affirmation may be right, the actual mother nature of the need is not properly revealed. Handholding implies that sales agents will be led down a path and guarded from something that will detrimentally affect them; true, individuals who lead sales agents have a responsibility to look out for their people and likewise to permit their sales agents to develop, take chances, and perhaps, fail. Not that revenue leaders want their representatives to be failures, but by giving them to be able to test the waters as they say, the aspiring salesperson can learn from their very own mistakes and grow as professionals. Keeping their hands may not have the desired effect. The handholding statement is contradicted some paragraphs after when the encouraging and helping of salespeople is detailed, so most likely it was a highly intentioned, in the event not perplexing, attempt to cover both sides with the topic.

Another critique from the article lies in the considerable, actually somewhat excessive, utilization of quotes coming from professional sales agents. While actual accounts and experiences add depth to the article, through adding credibility, the excessive usage of quotes helps make the article appear to be it is getting filled with fluff over true substantive details that the audience could use to get a valid form of reference. The topic of some of the high end benefits that the sales agents of Bausch Lomb obtain may be interesting, but it could also be discouraging to someone who functions for a more compact firm or perhaps is in fact battling in their sales efforts.

Lastly, in terms of critiques, the author discussions of succeeding in product sales as simply the matter of having the customer to acquire the product; yet , success in sales is much more than that. As other authors like David Lill have written, the entire romantic relationship building method with a potential client, and clients over the long-term is equally as important as someone buy itself. This is the part that may be missed simply by Harris.

Recommended Changes to Harris’ Article

To conclude, some recommended changes to Harris’ article may be made, again with the realizing that the article is fairly good in some areas, nevertheless could similarly benefit from a number of changes, identified as follows:

Require a MORE WHOLISTIC APPROACH to SALES- Harris has to take a better look at how the sales procedure in many cases is known as a relationship building process, which in turn would make salesmen more effective.

WORK WITH MORE PRACTICAL EXAMPLES- the content could consist of examples of more compact companies, to have the reader a much better look at the many the companies existing.

GIVE SALESMEN MORE FREEDOM- as was detailed earlier, handholding must not be the case all the time; salespeople require the freedom to grow, as well as to fail, as a method of learning lessons and having better in what they do.

These kinds of few changes, in closing, will make the article significantly better.