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Seafloor Sediments

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Mayan Insider secrets

the Secret

What caused the fall of the Mayan Civilization? In 800 A. D. The Mayan World was thriving in a area from southern Mexico to northern Honduras. These indigenous people (numbering over two million) were competent astronomers, they were good farmers – they transformed hillsides in to fertile areas for vegetation like maize (corn) and squash – they constructed impressive features, created a precise calendar and discussed philosophy. And they were sophisticated enough to have proven trade to peoples in distant places around the world. But about 900 A. D. The Mayan Civilization appears to include died, disappeared, disappeared, and since to what happened to this seemingly advanced civilization remains a mystery. This kind of paper reviews several hypotheses as to why the Mayan World mysteriously vanished, and will work with one theory that has one of the most plausible and scientifically valid narrative.

Several theories as to why the Mayan culture faded

Among the many theories about the demise with the Mayans – none of them which has but been proven past a darkness of a question – is the theory that some “catastrophic event” like an earthquake, a volcanic eruption, or “a sudden epidemic disease” may well have brought on their trouble (Minster, 2008). Writing inside the New York Times-owned About. com website, Minster also prospect lists the “Warfare Theory” as a possible answer to this mystery. That may be, Mayan analysts know that the different city-states inside the Mayan civilization (Dos Pilas; Tikal; Copan and Quirigua) went to conflict with each other; that they know this because the most current discoveries of stonecarvings have been completely deciphered and the history of individuals wars is clear. So that is another theory that can’t be demonstrated.

Other hypotheses that Minster mentions include the “Famine Theory” (the towns grew bigger than there were plants to feed the people; and maybe an “agricultural calamity” occurred); the “Civil Strife” theory (the functioning class may possibly have rebelled against the top notch when foodstuff became scarce); and the “Environmental Change Theory” (perhaps local climate change caused a drought or a ton or otherwise interrupted their “food supply” (Minster, p. 2).

The most believable, acceptable theory to date

There are more than eighty existing theories as to what occurred to the Internet people, nevertheless research done by writer Bonnie Bley leans toward the “drought theory, ” which has turn into “the the majority of accepted” over the past few decades (Bley, 2011). The periods when the Cyber region was very