Shakespeare tragic characters macbeth and brutus

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William Shakespeare is a internationally renowned English poet and playwright famous for a large number of tragic plays such as Macbeth and Julius Caesar. The two of these plays both equally contain tragic heroes with Marcus Brutus from Julius Caesar, and Macbeth coming from Macbeth. A tragic main character is defined as a protagonist of high standing with heroic or potential heroic abilities whom must go against sb/sth ? disobey some exterior or interior force. A tragic hero needs to have a “tragic flaw where a figure has an excessive amount of or not enough of one of Aristotle’s a dozen virtues.

Macbeth and Brutus are both regarded as tragic heroes but have a large number of similarities along with differences.

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First of all, Macbeth and Brutus acted for different causes but they both equally got trapped in situations that they can couldn’t get away from. Brutus truly and honestly believed that he previously to eliminate Julius Caesar to give the Aventure a better life and he proves this kind of when he says, “To puncture us to redress? The other bond then secret Romans, that have chatted the word, And will not palter? And that various other oath after that honesty to honesty employed that this shall be, or all of us will discover it.

Meanwhile, Macbeth merely slain left and right pertaining to his individual gain, beginning with the killing of the king, Duncan.

Macbeth killed many people he loved which includes his best friend, Banquo, plus the families of his opponents; therefore , he was severe with males, women, and children almost all being precisely the same to him. Macbeth was caught up in his own nasty plans to obtain the throne that he don’t even think anything after his initial kill; using the hiring murderers to do his dirty actions for him instead. Brutus only slain his closest friend, Caesar, since it was the just death that he believed was necessary. In the end, Macbeth and Brutus ended up in similar situations where they will lost all their power and their lives.

Second, Macbeth and Brutus are similar and different when it comes totheir personalities. Both tragic heroes have the same downside in their naturel of being also trusting more; therefore , this leads them to have a lust pertaining to power and it concluded in both equally their fatalities. Macbeth was too trusting of the nurses and his wife despite just how terrible or perhaps evil all their ideas were. He was also too willing to trust his destiny in the hands of others and if he hadn’t been so naive, perhaps this individual wouldn’t include turned into such an evil gentleman.

Brutus was too having faith in of the conspirators when they advised him of how his best friend, Caesar, was going to rule The italian capital with tyranny when he is crowned emperor. The tragic heroes’ trustful natures lead to their lust for power and ambition. Once Brutus joined the conspirators, this individual immediately overtook and would not settle for second-in-command. Macbeth’s goal also helped lead to the moral fall of his character along with his lust for power.

Thirdly, Macbeth and Brutus both equally had accountable consciences about the murders they induced; therefore , the two men acquired their concerns portrayed as ghosts. At the beginning of Macbeth, Macbeth had a incredibly guilty conscience about eradicating Duncan and started to acquire apparitions of Banquo when he murdered him as well. The ghost of Banquo could’ve been an indication that Macbeth unconsciously regretted killing his best friend even though Macbeth acquired already be a cruel guy at that point of the play. However , towards the end of the enjoy, when facing Macduff, Macbeth seemed to repent his actions and was unwilling to kill when he said, “But get back, my personal soul is too much charg’d with blood of thine already.  (Macbeth, Work V, Scene viii, Lines 5-6).

Brutus also confronted the ghosting of Julius Caesar due to his guilt conscious, though this ghost was likely just a hallucination from Brutus’s subconscious. Macbeth wouldn’t acknowledge his feelings about murdering Banquo and was practically driven to madness by it while Brutus acknowledged Caesar’s ghost because he knew that he had performed a infamous act and would be haunted. There is also the chance that Macbeth and Brutus experienced real ghosts since many of Shakespeare’s plays revolved throughout the idea of the supernatural; therefore , they might have been haunted simply by real spirits from their killers.

Fourthly, Macbeth and Brutus had serious influence and manipulationfrom outside the house sources that caused the degeneration of the characters by noble males to tragic heroes. Before the death of King Duncan, Macbeth was a true leading man, fresh by a victory on the battlefield and not holding any would like to gain the throne. To start with, when faced with the witches’ predictions, this individual responds the way in which a dedicated subject might, not like person who aspires to take above Scotland; “¦to be Ruler stands not within the prospect of opinion, no more than being Cawdor¦ (Macbeth, Act We, Scene 3, Lines 73-5). Also, Brutus was a great honorable person with assure, ability, and was devoted to The italian capital. Both Macbeth and Brutus were good men until they had impact from the outside that caused the beginning of their degeneration into darkness. Macbeth had influence by his better half, Lady Macbeth, who was one that urged him to kill Duncan and seize the throne pertaining to his personal.

She thought that he was way too kind to kill the king; “Glamis thou fine art, and Cawdor, and shalt be what thou fine art promised. Yet do I dread thy mother nature; it is also full o’ the dairy of human being kindness to catch the nearest way.  (Lady Macbeth, Act I, Scene versus, Lines 14-7). Macbeth was very stressed and against the idea of eradicating Duncan till Lady Macbeth persuaded him into executing it by wondering his male organ and threatening to leave him if he did not do it. Brutus was manipulated by a conspirator named Cassius, who rooted fake words from people fearing Caesar’s power around Brutus’s residence to acquire him to ally with him. Without the influence by others, Macbeth and Brutus could have continued to be loyal males of high position and could’ve prevented unneeded bloodshed.

Lastly, Macbeth and Brutus equally died disastrously in the end, however they died in ways that make the 2 completely different by each other. Macbeth was murdered against his own is going to in the end, following losing everyone and anything he had and once the prophecies that got brought him comfort flipped against him. Once Macbeth was murdered, peace was restored to Scotland and people rejoiced over the death with their previous ruler. On the other hand, Brutus died a great honorable fatality of his own accord and was thought of as a fantastic man by simply everyone about him. He committed suicide after dropping the struggle by impaling himself on his individual sword and he perished peacefully, expecting that Caesar was now satisfied; “Farewell Strato. Caesar now be nonetheless. I murdered not the with half so good a will. 

When Brutus died, the opposing armyapproached and one of the leaders, Antony, stood more than Brutus’s physique and stated, “This was your noblest Roman of them all. All the conspirators save only he” did that they were doing in be jealous of of great Caesar; He, simply in general genuine thought” and common very good to all, made one of them. His life was gentle, and the elements therefore mixed in him that Mother nature might stand up” And say to each of the world, ‘This was a man! . Brutus died as a proud warrior of Ancient rome while Macbeth died as being a hated tyrant of Scotland. Their deaths were what really made the difference between Macbeth and Brutus even though they’re both Shakespearean tragic characters.

In conclusion, Macbeth and Brutus have many differences and similarities but they’re both tragic heroes due to the flaws within their nature. That they both had the same trustful natures which in turn lead to their particular lust pertaining to power and then their fatalities. Macbeth and Brutus were two totally different people in regards to their personalities because Macbeth was genuinely evil when Brutus was obviously a genuinely good man. Both equally men cannot escape the inevitable end because it is their very own destiny to fall since tragic heroes.