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Sickle cell anemia according to the U. S. Countrywide Library of Medicine/National Study centers of Wellness – NLM/NIH (2013), “is a disease through which your body creates abnormally molded red blood cells. ” As the NLM/NIH even more point out, the cells manufactured in this case normally have a crescent-like condition. The blood of an person usually have a disk-like condition. It is this disk like shape that enhances and eases all their movement through the blood vessels of the individual. According to NLM/NIH (2013), sickle cells routinely get caught in an individual’s blood vessels thus causing blood flow blockage. Additionally to causing pain, this kind of blockage can also lead to organ damage (NLM/NIH, 2013).

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With regards to the causes of the condition, it is important to notice that genetics play a crucial role with this front. Because regard, consequently , a parent can pass the sickle cellular disease for their child. It should, however , become noted that to get the disease, a child must inherit a sickle cell gene, not really from both parent, but from the two parents. In such a case, if the stated child inherits the gene from only 1 parent, this kind of a child could have what is termed as a sickle cell characteristic. Those with the said feature are essentially carriers in the disease, we. e. they just do not have the disease (NLM/NIH).

Sickle Cell Anemia in Adulthood

This condition does not have a known get rid of. Those diagnosed with the same as a result have to live into adulthood with the state. It is therefore vital that you note that these diagnosed with the sickle cell disease have to prepare for a life-long struggle most particularly against a myriad of health conditions that could either be triggered by disease or aggravated by the same. It should, however , always be noted that the disease is largely manageable with most of these diagnosed with a similar being able to continue with their lives normally. Indeed, in the words and phrases of NLM/NIH (2013), “because of increased treatments and care, people who have sickle cell anemia are actually living within their forties or fifties, or longer. inch From the onset, nursing intervention when it comes to sickle cell anemia aims at educating not only the family but also the affected by the disorder on how the negative effects with the disease could be minimized.

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