Skinwalkers by simply tony hillerman essay

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The scam in the account Skinwalkers was committed for the sole purpose of getting back at the American government. The thinking behind the fraud was because a treaty that was signed for Fort Summer season decades ago. This treaty promised things to the American indian people items, which were under no circumstances delivered, including one tutor for every twenty five residents. Basically Dr . Yellowhorse was right now making the government reimburse the hospital for the bills of people who had long been released as well as for people who had been already deceased. The reason this is done so very easily was because there were zero death records for the deceased and many people that had been dead experienced no time of death along with there identity. The circumstances where Dr . Yellowhorse very easily covered up people that were still living because he worked well in the hospital and had usage of the financial data. This meant it was practically effortless for him arranging faulty reviews as often as is possible.

The only issue that Yellowhorse ran into was that a lot of people were needs to catch about. Onesalt had caught on to the hospital scam and was building a case against Dr . Yellowhorse and the hospital. This is also the thinking for how come Endocheeney, Wilson Sam and Roosevelt Bistie had most been wiped out and furthermore for what reason an attempt had been made on Jim Chees life. Yellowhorse feared she’d expose him so he previously her killed by making up a story that she the same as the others was obviously a skinwalker and so they had set a bane on anyone did the specific killing (the mother). Just before being taken Onesalt experienced spoken to officer Chee and Yellowhorse assumed this description now he realized as well or perhaps would understand with time.

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Chee probably really should have caught wind of what was going on a long time before the end with the book. Having been the investigator on the circumstance and I also realized what was going on before he would. The hardest element of putting two and two together was finding a objective, which throughout most of the book there didnt seem to be a single. This was naturally until Yellowhorse spilled his beans to Chee before he was going to kill him.

The government would need to take a very much closer take a look at death records and possibly keep an eye on the Badwater Clinic more closely to prevent a reoccurrence of this form. Basically the authorities needs to have a more hands on approach to coping with these types of situations. There should be inspections like in insurance frauds where a detective or perhaps sorts looks into random or perhaps particular situations. The government may also start a record of the Navajo births and deaths about the reservation. If the government had a sort of “balance sheet” they could keep better track of what was occurring within the community.

Yellowhorse promises that what he was doing was validated for two major reasons. First having been cheating the federal government that had been cheating his persons for ages. This kind of I sensed was understandable. Secondly he was helping even more people in that case he was murdering. In this case I dont think it is morally feasible to also attempt to guard yourself or perhaps justify your reasoning basically were in Yellowhorses shoes and boots. No one a lot more worth below another. You cant kill one faithful man to save another guys life. While using circumstances pending I can observe how it could be perceived as feasible to lie to someone if it was for there own very good. Though it may not always be ethical, if it can benefit the higher good devoid of hurting the minority or anyone else as an example I could find it being morally defendable. Although this was not the situation.