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‘Slumdog Millionaire’, directed by simply Danny Boyle, is the outstanding story of your young streets boy whom exceeds expectations and benefits big on the TV game show ‘Who Wants To Be considered a Millionaire. ‘ Two key themes that the film features are Money and Justice, an example of these themes being used is that Mumbai is pictured as a place of terrifying low income and memorable brutality exactly where both cash and proper rights are a thing of shortage, Justice specifically is seen as favouring the wealthy while Funds is used as a dividing line between the rich and the poor.

Slumdog Millionaire’ shows money while something an excellent source of value and a symbol of prosperity in comparison to the advanced of surrounding poverty; this is certainly clearly viewed early in the film when ever gangster supervisor Javed is being driven throughout the slums, his rich act contrasting with all the surrounding lower income. The film commonly shows that money corrupts; this can be seen in many situations such as once Jamal fantastic brother Salim begin rip-off people in tours of the Taj Mahal or just how Javed expresses his riches through a abundantly decorated residence.

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Matthew 6: 24 points out that you both serve Goodness or are enslaved by money, this kind of Christian perspective from the gospel ties together with the idea that cash corrupts and emphases the very fact that Jamal, Salim and Javed exactly where all at the same time slaves to money. An important message brought in towards the end of the film is that Funds is less significant than take pleasure in, we see this kind of when Salim sets Latika free and sacrifices himself for the preservation of others, it can also be noticed when Jamal speaks to Latika in the phone and realising that she is secure no longer likes you the most important question available.

The story brand of ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ is centered on the concept of the Justice; the Christian look at of rights is the ‘Justice of God’ meaning the prevalence of sin. Justice in the film is seen by a variety of viewpoints including regarding sinful nature, for example , the film glorifies the cheating, lying and stealing that Jamal and Salim take on to survive. The general theme evealed towards the end of the film is that in the end justice prevails, this is seen when the bad guy (Javed) passes away and Jamal and Latika are finally free to end up being together (and win 25 million rupees). Psalm 106: 3 basically says that blessed are those that perform what is right, this Christian perspective supports the movies outcome while Salim’s role as a morally decent person is truly blessed with love and riches in the end.

After watching the film and analysing the key points and themes it really is clear that ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ is both uplifting and inspiring, it can however check out the harshness and rudeness of actuality in the slums of Mumbai, these unfavorable aspects relatively dominate the film and for this reason I was led to believe that the film lacks expect, the film presents a succession of depressing hurdles that Salim must face, only stopping on a positive note.

From your Christian gospel: Luke 6: 20-21 clarifies that those that suffer in today’s need not fret as they will be joyous in eternity, this kind of statement inside my personal opinion summarises the film by a Christian perspective and provides a clear sign that (even if it wasn’t on purpose) themes from your Christian gospel are present throughout the film.

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