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Numerous excuses receive over the course of the film. The brother and sister of one of the perpetrators said they initially thought the great was inebriated and discombobulated. Later, it is said that they don’t want to be involved in something ‘negative. ‘ The girlfriend of one of the killers also said he in the beginning sounded drunk and mixed up. When your woman discovered the body of the sufferer, she known as 911, yet refused to give much information. The mother of one of the killer’s good friends says she was initially advised the patient was excellent, and then presumed he had recently been taken to a location hospital after the body was discovered. The moment 911 was called – twice – the vague attitude of both of the callers induced emergency staff to treat the phone call as a non-emergency.

Decision woods

Source: Prevos, Peter. (2006, January 3). Explanation types for the bystander impact in helping patterns. Psychology 1B. Retrieved Feb . 25, 2010 at

Step 1. The bystander should notice that a meeting is going on, but may well fail to accomplish that and not provide help.

The killer’s girlfriend saw the dying person in a say goodbye to. She do call emmergency 911, but was obscure and did not ensure there were follow-up on the part of the specialists.

Step 2. The bystander should identify the big event as some form of emergency. The specific situation may be unclear, preventing support from getting given.

The 911 workers did not believe that the cell phone calls they received were genuine because of the attitude of the callers. The mother of one the killers primarily assumed the victim was fine, then at an region hospital.

3. The bystander needs to take responsibility intended for helping, yet might steer clear of taking responsibility by let’s assume that somebody else is going to (diffusion of responsibility);

The friend’s mother assumed which the 911 call up placed by killer’s girl had resulted in an secours being provided for the picture

Step 4. The bystander should decide on the right helping response, but may not believe themselves to be qualified to do so.

The girlfriend and mother’s respective vagueness obviously indicates these people were subconsciously not sure it was their very own ‘place’ for being involved and maybe get their family and friends in trouble.

Step five. The bystander needs to put into action that response, but this may be against all their interest for this, especially in harmful situations.

The family members and associates with the killers evidently had a vested interest in not being involved