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She gets earned this award on her outstanding and remarkable job that your woman done onto her children Women and Gentelmen We would give me wonderful honor to give this prize to Melissa Green Thanks a lot for this merit I would like to begin by Thanking my children, my husband, my loved ones and my friends for this honor. I don’t think that I actually am best mom but I make an effort my toughest every day for giving my children the best that they diverse I do think this merit came by high price together with the lack of sleep, the non prevent driving around the stress induced in lots of things.

Living has never been convenient but My spouse and i keep moving My spouse and i don’t learn how I do what I do ALTHOUGH I do. We am regular college student, a wife, a mother, great aunt, a sister, a best friend and the list keeps occurring. My kids are my universe I are always on the run with my kids My boy who is my own 1st given birth to is in hockey, gutair lessons, and youngster scouts who I i am very happy with him even today he gets straight As with school and continues to shock me. My 2nd delivered my daughter is in woman scouts, recreational softball, and gymnastics which I am very pleased with she also preserves her wonderful grade typical she is with your life and continues to surprise me.

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My 3rd born and my last is a little throw fire since many call her she is in T-ball and gymnastics she just started college and is undertaking wonderful in. So you inquire where must i find time for you to do these things? As a mother like a of you already know its not anymore about you their about the children and the existence the various.

Again do I think I actually am greatest mom a few yes and I say NO because I actually do what have to who otherwise is going to be generally there for them I possess learned through the best my friend who brought up 4 children on her personal and who worked several jobs executing it I think your woman should of got this award today. Thank you all so much in this award you have touched my heart in many ways.