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Their pricing approaches, while in the boundaries of solid record analysis, happen to be somewhat opportunistic. For Zillow to be better, the use of a array of valuations for every single property could possibly be included. This would be more practical to the authentic conditions with the market. Finally, the technique used for this analysis will be based upon the latest 31 home sales; therefore the info itself and analysis are timelier in reflecting the industry conditions..

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Zillow Analysis

In evaluating the strongest and weakest points of Zillow. com, it truly is immediately obvious that this site is much more navigable than real estate agent. com, and also gets away from troublesome explicit opt-in screens realtors use before allowing homes to be marketed. The mash-up with Google-maps is also very well done. In summary, the strengths and weaknesses of Zillow. com are provided below:


Exceptional mash-up applying Google Maps and their own charges databases to supply an easy-to-navigate website and pricing comparability engine.

Possible for potential customers to get a speedy idea of the particular comparable revenue are inside their area of interest and check on the pricing with the last five sales in the immediate area.

Excellent usage of pop-up glass windows and home pictures and features.

Helpful for integrating with MapQuest and other applications for being able to story out house tours intended for clients (for realtors) and easy for potential home buyers looking at a unique area to consider homes and quickly discover availability inside their favorite communities.

Useful for understanding the total readily available listings by price strap for specific clients (for the realtor).

Excellent selling tools including the Bird’s Eye View plus the extensive make use of visual images.

Excellent make use of pricing checking analysis to show the trending value in the property after some time.


Technique for charges per sq . foot can be opportunistic and high, and tends to require into account specific factors like the simplistic dramatical trending of price paid out per square feet in other areas.

This site would not give the buyer as much leverage as it gives the vendor in negotiations. This site is definitely specifically created to give the owner the best possible data and in turn provide them with the best possible selling price. It is not especially tailored to always be balanced between buyer plus the seller. The internet site favors the customer.

The website’s pricing methodology also is apparently using a variation of simple dramatical smoothing, considering that the high rates. This assumes that the location is in an instant economic development period and that the most basic of economic assumptions will continue to hold true despite economical conditions. This is certainly a bad presumption.

No array of pricing is offered within the framework of this toolkit, and there is certainly not real capacity to customize the queries according to seller’s motivation to sell. Once again, the site party favors the vendors over the buyers.

The ZEstimate pries are significantly from the market, and possess a high level details disconnects that sellers have got with the industry.


In essence that Zillow. com is a very useful tool intended for the potential home buyer to see quickly what is in their price range, and what the specifics happen to be of the properties as well. This website is very well attuned towards the needs in the