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Vision Statement All of us aspire to always be an industry head. With innovation in our DNA, we make an effort to gain 50 percent plus of the market share in both everywhere tech areas by manufacturing cost-effective low tech companies by creating cutting-edge high tech products.

Our customer based approach in positioning products is key to achieving the healthy revenue margin of 30% plus. By investing in CSR, we seek to enhance the self-confidence of our shareholders and accomplish over 375% in inventory growth. Strategy Statement Each of our overall technique objective is always to become a market leader through market share in both high and low tech market segments while maintaining healthy and balanced margins and stock selling price.

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The opportunity of our business activities will be focused on becoming a cost head with a product lifecycle focus in the low tech market and a differentiator which has a product lifecycle focus in the high tech industry. In the low tech industry, we is going to minimize each of our R&D, production, and materials costs, enabling us to compete on such basis as price. In the high tech industry, we is going to distinguish each of our products with customer centric R&D, attractive designs, large awareness, and easy accessibility allowing us to hold pace with all the market. We will cost our hi-tech products endowed and boost capacity since demand boosts.

The product lifecycle focus is about introducing new products in the high tech segment and allowing the products drift and mature inside the low technology segment. The merchandise lifecycle emphasis enables the company to extend the longevity of your products on the market. Once we include strong products out in the market, we will begin retiring the debt and purchasing back stocks. This will enhance our inventory values to ensure that our stocks and shares will be more attractive to investors. Additionally , we is going to purchase capacity and motorisation from the start in order that we have to be able to increase production and spend less for multiple products.

These types of investments will probably be made early and often throughout the simulation to be able to satisfy demand for our products and maximize earnings. At Erie 88, you want to make the products since cutting edge and high tech as possible while providing cost leading product approaches to dominantly function in both equally high and low technical market sections. We could have strong automation in our low tech companies strongly purchase our R&D department.

As well, we can invest in our marketing to create maximum understanding especially for each of our high tech products, which our company is very happy with. In order to accomplish superior performance, our competitive advantage lies in minimizing development costs inside the low tech industry and creating appealing designs inside the high tech market. Erie 88 will rule both the hi-tech and low tech markets by having at least three products. A great emphasis on large investment in research and development to get our hi-tech sensors will be implemented immediately when the industry opens in 2014.

Large customer consciousness for each new product we bring in to the market is an extremely important aspect of our merchandise approach. Significant investments in every product’s advertising budget will be made beginning one year just before each item hits the shelves. We all will focus on automation to lessen our costs.

Our item approach is definitely customer centric and we try to implement approaches such as obtaining maximum long term debt and issuing optimum stock at the beginning to finance our operations and then payback debts in the centre rounds to increase our stock value when increasing each of our stock health. By being a profitable, ground breaking, and socially responsible firm, we aspire to gain the respect of our employees and customer, and possess the confidence of the investors. By having a healthy inventory and satisfied shareholders, we will be able to not merely improve our products and meet our customers but as well invest in philanthropic initiatives and environmental actions plans.