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Victoria getting a phone call coming from her in long run friend, Caitlin. Caitlin cell phone calls the in that case fresh by Harvard twenty two year-old Vix (short to get Victoria) and tells her shes getting married and that the lady wants Vix to be her maid of honor. The only problem is that Caitlin is usually marring Vixs old flame. When Vix hears this news she actually is suddenly transported back in time and through her old thoughts. Starting when Vix and Caitlin initially met for 12 years older.

It began Caitlin has just transferred to Vixs school, and quickly turns into the most popular young lady in the college. Vix is definitely somewhat shy and taken, so to start with she believes it is a joke that Caitlin invites her to spend summer time at her fathers residence in Marthas Vineyard. It is during this 1st summer the two forge an intense and moving a friendly relationship. Soon after being released on the on the Vineyard, Caitlin motivates Vix to agree to a pact vowing not to be regular. The NBO pact.

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Blume uses the friendship between two to explore issues of class and funds and how they affect a persons interactions with all the world. Vix is via a poor family in New Mexico. Caitlins parents are single, but both are wealthy. Caitlins mother, Phoebe, spends her summers cavorting in The european countries with good looking men, whilst her father, Lamb, has roots in old funds on the east coast.

Caitlin and Vix become thus close that they can spend every summer of their teen years together around the vineyard. Caitlins father and stepmother Abby take any in Vix, encouraging her to use her intelligence to achieve beyond what she might have sought before meeting Caitlin. This leads to concerns in Vixs relationship with her family in New Mexico. This relationship becomes permanently stretched when Vix is approved at Harvard and wins a scholarship from the Soiners Foundation.

Vix is caught between two worlds at Harvard. Her life encounters make her much more open and understanding than most of her guy classmates, however she desires to fit in with her classmates too. Vix also has trouble initially because Caitlin has gone to Europe and decided to live there intended for awhile. Caitlin stays in Europe even while Vix participants and moves to New York City, a move that costs Vix her boyfriend of 5 years. It is just later that Vix finds out why Caitlin stays aside.

I absolutely enjoyed examining the new by Judy Blume, the characters happen to be real and completely believable. The main heroes are adolescent girls, and thats what attracted me to the wonderful book. Blume uses an interesting style to obtain everyones standpoint across during situations, in addition to doing that she makes it possible to see the whole picture. Blume can put down on paper thoughts that every teen girl offers but occasionally is too embarrassed to say out loud. I found Vixs thoughts regarding sex and love really real, and was happy to find i wasnt the only person thinking that way. This novel made me think proud to be a girl. The story line was so interesting and fun that I look at the 200+ site book in just 3 days. I found me to be having a laugh and sobbing at the same time at times. I am glad I choose this story to read as it made really think about a number of my friendship, and how great they are, or how I can improve them.